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    Skin Diver Magazine First Issue

    In December of 1951 the first national magazine devoted to diving was released.

    Special Edition

    Carribean Dive Guide

    Dive Atlas of the World

    Pacific Dive Guide

    Live on Location

    Back in Bermuda Again
    Bermuda is a true island paradise. Located less than 600 miles from New York and on the same parallel as Cape Hatteras, NC.

    Family Fun in Little Cayman
    If not "Best" in the Caribbean, this unique sub-aquatic topography of lush shallow reefs cascading into dramatic vertical walls is truly the most consistent destination for great diving.

    Off the Wall in Palau
    There's more to diving in Palau than high-voltage walls. Join our photo team on a trip to discover all these islands have to offer.

    Cayman Tek
    Deco time in Cayman? You bet. The queen of Caribbean diving has opened her arms to the tek set.

    The Cabo Summer Dive Fiesta
    Skin Diver's editors are on a mission to dive in and join the fun.

    An Outrigger Adventure in Palau
    Explore the winding channels of the Rock Islands with Stuart and Michele Westmorland.

    Whales of the Silver Bank
    Al Hornsby joins Peter Hughes for a magical Humpback Whale encounter.

    Dominican Republic
    Geri Murphy discovers a little known diver's paradise.

    The Bahamas
    Join Michael Lawrence for a dolphin, shark and wreck dive adventure.

    Scuba Diving News


    Underwater Project

      Every time I prepare for a dive trip, I start off with a mammoth wish list pack pile & have to whittle it down to an airline approved weight. Many a time I have reflected on how little a tennis ball and racquet weight and wondered why I had to fall in love with scuba diving.

    Underwater Project

      Join the Australasia-wide perpetual photo and video shootout for your chance at close to $100,000 in prizes.

      More than a competition, The Underwater Project is a continuous event that lets divers share the beauty of the Australasia Oceans and show the world what wonders we stand to lose if we continue to destroy our Oceans.


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