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    The Bahamas


    Whale Tales from the Ancient Kingdom of Tonga Tonga’s Humpback Whales pull a “fly-by” on Tammy Peluso, while Al Hornsby witnesses the spectacular courtship rituals of the Humpbacks in the Silver Banks.
    The Way of the Dolphin There are many places around the world where people can interact with dolphins, but the Caribbean probably has the most diverse and developed dolphin experiences overall.
    Blackbeard's Cruises ... you need not burn a huge hole in your bank account to get away on a live-aboard yet still gain all the advantages; comfort, service and, of course, access to some of the most incredible diving in The Bahamas.
    fall Bahama Diver A Complete Dive Guide to The Islands of The Bahamas
    Bahamas: The Ultimate Dive Guide Now, this is the truth. I’ve never been known as the brightest guy on the planet and here I am, proving it yet again.
    Liaisons on Shallow Seas Tucked into a sunny marina located between Miami and Miami Beach are three “love boats.” They are not at all like the city block-long cruise ship of TV fame, but rather a trio of intimate and nearly identical 65-foot sailing vessels...
    The Great Xanadu Shark Show Fifty feet below the crystal sea, only a mile off beach-strewn Grand Bahama Island, is an undersea spectacle so surreal that it must be seen to be believed...
    In Search Our trip cruised the reefs north and west of Grand Bahama Island, working south across the Gingerbread Grounds to Bimini before returning to Fort Lauderdale.
    Stuart Cove's Dive South Ocean Stuart and Michelle Cove's motto should be 'Extreme Adventure, Extremely Easy.' They make it easy for divers to have fun with the latest in high tech gear.
    The Bahamas Imagine island hopping The Bahamas, diving only the favorite spots of the most experienced divemasters. One dive after another of nothing but the best!
    Water Gardens in a Pale Blue Sea Finding my way back to this inspiring region for a three day odyssey down the Bimini chain on board one of Blackbeard's Cruises vessels, was good for the soul.
    Rainbow Reefs of the Bahamas Reefs, wrecks, fish, turtles, rays, sharks, possibly dolphins, maybe even whales and who knows what else are the reality of sailing and diving the rainbow reefs of The Bahamas.
    Small Hope's Safari on Fresh Creek The rare opportunity to snorkel with wild dolphins highlights a new excursion at Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros Island in The Bahamas.
    Riding Rock Inn For a Bahamas dive destination, San Salvador is certainly different. Providing access to this marine splendor is San Sal's oldest dive establishment (built in 1976), the Riding Rock Inn Resort and Marina.
    Bahamas Getaways Over the years I have traveled to most of the major islands of The Bahamas, each of which has contributed its own distinct memories.
    Nassau Scuba Centre There are underwater adventures for everyone at the Nassau Scuba Centre.
    Walker's Cay Undersea Adventures Walker's Cay Undersea Adventures: I really enjoyed diving at Walker's Cay and it wasn't just because the sharks were such a kick. The people there make diving fun.
    XANADU UNDERSEA ADVENTURES To my utter disbelief, Kieron Baudains, Xanadu's chief instructor and shark feeder, picks up a wild shark and carries it around in his arms.
    Escape to THE EXCITING Islands of the BAHAMAS With 700 islands, 2,500 tiny cays and 100,000 square miles of surrounding ocean, the Islands of The Bahamas collectively comprise a massive scuba and snorkel paradise, with options as diverse as the country.
    Oh, What a Thrill! In the Bahamas with UNEXSO The Underwater Explorers Society boat left the dock with a full load. There were 14 of us; 10 guests, 1 shark feeder, 2 safety divers and 1 videographer.
    Stuart Cove's New DPV Dive Sensation I heard the excitement in the voices of divers as they came off the boats after trying an exciting new adventure. I decided I'd have to try Wall Flying just to find out what all the buzz was about.
    Bottom Time II, Adventures in the Cay Sal Banks Since its launch in 1987, the Bottom Time II has earned an international reputation for safety, comfort, courteous service and, above all, its remote island itineraries.
    UNEXSO's Video Snorkeling Adventure Last August I was invited by the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO) to check out its brand new Video Snorkeling Adventure.
    Underwater Escapades off Cay Sal unique geography offers the promise of underwater escapades on deep walls, coral reefs and blue holes
    A Rhapsody of Dive Adventure Awaits Those Lucky Enough to Catch Sea Fever Id have to say The Islands of Bahamas offer the best dive adventure in this hemisphere.
    Chub Cay Undersea Adventures In addition to the variety of boat dives, Chub Cay offers unlimited shore diving; a rarity in The Bahamas.
    Bahama Divers Bahama Divers makes it easy to take a fun vacation with family or friends and still do some quality diving. To start with, the location couldn't be more convenient.
    Bahamas Odyssey At least two pods of Spotted Dolphins roam a pair of shallow sandbanks known as White Sand Ridge, off the northwest end of Grand Bahama Island. The pods have been interacting with humans for more than 20 years.
    The Thrill of Sharks, the Joy of Dolphins and the Intrigue of Shipwrecks Thirty years ago, as Freeport, Grand Bahama Island was just beginning to evolve as a tropical vacation getaway, developers building a hotel known as the Oceanus Inn decided its theme should be scuba diving.

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