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    Savor Bermuda Bermuda is an exceptionally civilized island with a long history of luxury vacation service. The weather is subtropical;sunny and balmy but not oppressively hot.
    The North Carolina When underwater visibility is good, the wreck of the North Carolina can be stunning.
    The Montana Today the Montana's scattered remains lie in 30 feet of water in the middle of a large sand valley surrounded by high coral heads, eight miles northwest of the Hamliton dockyard.
    The Iristo In addition to being a member of the Bermuda Shipwreck Certificate program, the Iristo is a fun and photogenic wreck dive.
    Bermuda's Golden Ring of Wrecks Bermuda is unique among tropical islands. It is the only island completely encircled by shipwrecks; and the only island that offers such a fantastic array of divable wrecks, spanning four centuries and 15 countries.
    Wreck Dive Certificates Last year Bermuda introduced one of the most innovative programs in diving. Called the Shipwreck Certificate Program, it became an instant success.
    Bermuda's 12 Undiscovered Treasure Wrecks In several areas of the Bermuda seafloor two, and, in one case, three ships from different periods lie on top of each another.
    L'Herminie Of the comprehensive collection of marine vessels that met their fates on Bermuda's treacherous reef system, very few were warships.
    The Minnie Breslauer Bermudas Unluckiest Ship this 300 foot long English steamer was built and launched toward the end of 1872...
    Bermudas Xing Da Smuggling was not new to the Xing Da. Going back as far as the Vietnam War, she smuggled everything from contraband to weapons for the North Vietnamese Army.
    The Hermes When it comes to a completely intact sunken ship, the Hermes is by far Bermudas most popular wreck dive.

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