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    Diving in Bonaire An informative and interesting article written about the local dive sites and interesting things to see.

    9Ĺ WEEKS ON BONAIRE Bonnie Cardone lands a dream job: Housesitting on Bonaire.

    Bonaire and the Diving is Easy The small Dutch island of Bonaire, only 50 miles north of Venezuela, attracts nearly 30,000 diving enthusiasts each year. In fact, recreational scuba diving is Bonaires largest industry.

    Wanderlust in the Netherlands Antilles Wanderlust is an amazing thing. Itís what compels people like you and me to seek out new travel experiences, or at the very least, wander farther down a familiar road.

    Bonaire: The Leisure Diver's Paradise The Longlure Frogfish is nothing like your typical fish. I studied this small, bulbous, mottled orange creature, which resembled a fist-sized gob of putty, as he sat motionless amid the Star Coralís lumpy terrain....

    World-Class Spa and World-Class Diving? If you want a spa vacation with world-class diving, there is only one top notch alternative;Harbour Village, on Bonaire.

    Macro Capital of the World When I think of Bonaire, vignettes of past adventures unfold in my mindís eye. It's not for nothing the island has been called 'Macro Capital of the Caribbean.'

    SAND DOLLAR DIVE AND PHOTO During a typical one week Bonaire holiday, Sand Dollar Dive and Photo makes it easy to do as much (or as little) as you desire.

    BRUCE BOWKER'S CARIB INN My group has been to Bonaire eight times. Why do we keep returning? For one thing, we love the intimate setting of Bruce's place. It feels like home.

    Bonaire's Haven for Snorkelers Life beneath tropical seas is a world only the scuba diver or snorkeler can fully experience.

    Sand Dollar Condominium Resort Sand Dollar Condominium Resort has a well-earned reputation for its unique 'home away from home' atmosphere.

    Bonaire's Plaza Resort Bonaire offers visitors a wide variety of accommodations and services. If you're looking for luxury, you can look to the Plaza.

    Bonaire, Watersport Capital If there is an island ideally suited to virtually all watersport activities, it is Bonaire.

    Harbor Village Beach Resort Just north of the Equator, Bonaire is a dry, arid island, with little rainfall. Bathed by steady breezes, it is always pleasant, even on the hottest summer days. Then again, nearly every day is summer here.

    Colorful Creatures Invite You To The Reefs of Bonaire Bonaire is known for its wondrous sport diving. Like its neighbors Curacao and Aruba to the west, Bonaires position close to the equator ensures almost year-round summer temperatures in the low to mid 80s (F), with almost zero rainfall.

    Sapphire Seas & Vibrant Coral Kingdoms From the deck of Toucan Divings 32 foot Island Hopper, Purple Rain, the waters off the island of Bonaire looked incredibly inviting. They were totally translucent in the 5 to 10 foot shallows...

    Stay With Your Buddy on Bonaire : The small Dutch island of Bonaire sits just 50 miles off Venezuelas coast and comfortably below the hurricane belt.

    A Paradise of Land Sea and Sun Like its neighbors, Curacao and Aruba, Bonaire lies close to the equator in the protected region south of the Caribbeans Hurricane Belt.