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    Dominican Republic


    The First Island of the New World Cigars, baseball and overlooked reefs...Cuba? Nope, itís the other big island.
    The Dominican Republic's Samana Peninsula Returning to the surface, I stopped for a moment to gawk at the face of the cliff towering more than 140 feet above me. What a striking visage it made...
    The Dominican Republic's Far Eastern Corner of Paradise A couple hundred yards out from the edge of the beach, the upper parapets of ancient castles of coral break the Caribbean Seaís rolling waves into a fine series of ripples...
    The Secrets of an Ancient Indian Watering Hole The idea was to initiate the investigation of a water filled sinkhole and a dry cave inside one of the countrys national parks...
    The Caribbeans Best Kept Secret For beach lovers, the Dominican Republic has more than 300 miles of golden sand beaches lined with coconut palms, where swimsuit tops are optional and secluded stretches are still as unspoiled as they were more than 100 years ago.
    Time to Discover the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana Beach Resort) The Punta Cana reef system is a majestic expanse...
    Time to Discover the Dominican Republic (Don Juan Beach Resort) With underwater clarity averaging 80 feet and no detectable current, the morning dive could not have been easier. The MV Hickory looked like something befitting a Hollywood movie.
    Flamenco Beach Resort and Divers The Dominican Republic (DR) provides a luxurious home base for the enjoyment of a wide range of above and below water adventures.
    Time to Discover the Dominican Republic (El Portillo Beach Resort) The Dominican Republic is a collection of idyllic and unspoiled territories on the second largest island of the Caribbean.