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    Turks & Caicos


    Kids Sea Camp Recipe for family weeks!
    The Essence of Turk and Caicos Diving The Turks and Caicos Banks, two relatively flat-topped mountains rising from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean thousands of feet below, support spike, bump and mushroom shapes that break the water’s surface to form eight major islands and numerous cays.
    Exhilarating Grand Turk Diving Wooooow! Watching Rolling Hill’s face pass by, first at 70, 80, then at 90, right on past 100 feet, felt marvelous.
    Sea Dancer The deeper part of the reef dropped from a starting depth of 70 feet to a short shelf at roughly 150. Out beyond the shelf, the bottom was something I could only envision in my imagination.
    Timeless Turks and Caicos Man, look at that water. Just look at that water...I keep whispering to myself over and over again as the Sky King turbo-prop turns sharply towards Grand Turk...
    A Grand Turk Kind of Day Let me describe a day with Sea Eye Diving in Grand Turk and see if it doesnt sound just about ideal.
    Sea Eye Diving Diving is delightful off Grand Turk, where one of the world's most spectacular walls is only a few hundred yards off the beach. This is diving as it is meant to be convenient and fun in glorious conditions with tons of marine life.
    A Paradise Reserved for Divers The spectacular and easily accessible walls in the Turks and Caicos get the most attention but there is much more diversity to diving here than just the walls.
    Blue Water Divers and the Salt Raker Inn The Grand Turk wall is separated from the superb sandy beach only by a small section of spectacularly clear water.
    Grand Turks Walls and Reefs It is about clear water, warm beaches and friendly people. Grand Turk is an island where nature still reigns, unchallenged by casinos, fast food restaurants, duty free factory outlets and amusement rides.
    The Turks and Caicos Aggressor Next February I will charter the Turks and Caicos Aggressor a third time, on this occasion to visit the Humpback Whales that congregate in the Silver Banks of the Dominican Republic.
    Fun on Grand Turk The water temperature is around 84°F in the summer, which is perfect for bathing suits or Lycra skins, and 77°F in the winter, which requires a shorty or 3mm wetsuit for comfort.
    Diving Grand Turk Style ...sunshine, warm clear water, lots of fish, healthy corals, nice beach, no crowds, friendly people, comfortable room, easy dive arrangements, potential for unusual animal encounters, good food, great views and time to relax..