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    Blackbeard's Cruises ... you need not burn a huge hole in your bank account to get away on a live-aboard yet still gain all the advantages; comfort, service and, of course, access to some of the most incredible diving in The Bahamas.
    Solmar V Adventure The Sea of Cortez is an active hunting, breeding and playground for a wealth of large marine creatures.
    In Search Our trip cruised the reefs north and west of Grand Bahama Island, working south across the Gingerbread Grounds to Bimini before returning to Fort Lauderdale.
    Water Gardens in a Pale Blue Sea Finding my way back to this inspiring region for a three day odyssey down the Bimini chain on board one of Blackbeard's Cruises vessels, was good for the soul.
    Mike Ball's Telita Telita, Papua New Guinea's first specialized live-aboard dive boat, discovered many classic sites.
    Aboard the Febrina The FeBrina was our passport to a magical underwater world of giant pinnacles cloaked in pastel soft corals, massive schools of Barracuda, exciting shark dives and all manner of Pacific reef life.
    Underwater Escapades off Cay Sal unique geography offers the promise of underwater escapades on deep walls, coral reefs and blue holes
    Top Ten Reasons to Dive Coco Island The top ten reasons I would go to Coco Island (off the coast of Costa Rica) with the Sea Hunter and the Undersea Hunter are
    Aboard Manthiri and Madivaru 7 Both ships dive similar areas, covering a circuitous route chiefly through the southern Maldives, extending more than 250 miles.
    Belize Aggressor III This new Aggressor, less than a year old, is nothing less than a floating luxury hotel that has as its playground the pristine, untouched reefs off the coast of Belize.
    Palau Aggressor II What a combination; extraordinary diving and comfortable luxury living aboard the Palau Aggressor II. The diving brought us here and the Palau Aggressor II will bring us back for more.
    Bay Island's Live-Aboard Adventures Cruising the waters of the Bay Islands of Honduras, Wind Dancer continues the Peter Hughes tradition of combining excellence in accommodations and service with the best diving areas of the world.
    Diving on the Roques Antares III Around the north side of a small cluster of islands known as Los Roques, is one of the most surprising dive sites I have seen in the Caribbean.
    Aboard the Rembrandt Van Rijn As with most live-aboard boats, we were shown to our cabins, given a welcoming cocktail and set free to explore the ship. The Rembrandt Van Rijn is 184 feet long and, because she is a true sailing ship, there is rigging everywhere.
    Carribean Aggressor Fleet Aboard the Bay Islands Aggressor III, you might visit the wreck of the Jado Trader or Cayos Cochinos, the Macro Capital of the World. Aboard the Belize Aggressor III, the dive of the day might be the famous Blue Hole.
    Kona Aggressor II Imagine yourself on the Kona Aggressor II, an 80 foot long catamaran, in the Hawaiian Islands. You see an incredible variety and diversity of creatures.
    Where Man and Manta Meet Making a safety stop at five feet, I looked below me and couldnt help but laugh. The scene resembled a game of follow the leader as two large Manta Rays, both with wingspans of roughly 17 feet, cruised in formation...
    A Rhapsody of Dive Adventure Awaits Those Lucky Enough to Catch Sea Fever Id have to say The Islands of Bahamas offer the best dive adventure in this hemisphere.
    Bay Islands Aggressor III Saturday afternoon, arrival day: The captain and a crew member greeted us at the Roatan Airport with hearty handshakes
    The Graceful Cuan Law Custom designed for live-aboard diving and sailing, Cuan Law spans a piece of the ocean 105 feet long and 44 feet wide

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