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    Temples Above and Below Perched at the outer edge of a geological fault line that roughly parallels the coast, the Belize Barrier Reef is a continuous ridge of undersea mountains.
    Romantic Getaways - Belize Tucked beneath the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize is a loversí paradise. A place where a side-by-side stroll, or swim, is a journey into a trance-like state of tropical bliss.
    Rasta Ray Move over stingrays, and make room for the friendly Eagle Ray of Belize.
    The Endless Reefs of Belize I am drifting across an underwater landscape crowded with primitive shapes and endless color.
    Bountiful Belize Big islands and little islets; three huge rings of coral and a barrier reef that seems never to end.
    Belize's Atolls A Magical World of Biodiversity This is the magical world of Belize's offshore atolls; three majestic coral formations that are truly unique in the hemisphere.
    Lighthouse Reef In short, Lighthouse Reef Resort is a modernized version of adventurous, Caribbean-like-it-used-to-be diving.
    Belize's magical manta resort Manta Resort, on a low, sandy, palm-crowded cay, is in a picture perfect tropical setting.
    Ramon's Village The undersea adventures are complemented by the artistic mood and absolute tranquility of the resort. Lovely Ramon's Village is both an escapist's beach retreat and a dedicated dive resort.
    Writing the Book on Great Dive Adventure Travel Though small, there is much topographical variety and, with a population of little less than a quarter of a million people, wide open spaces are the rule.
    Belize Aggressor III This new Aggressor, less than a year old, is nothing less than a floating luxury hotel that has as its playground the pristine, untouched reefs off the coast of Belize.
    Aboard the Rembrandt Van Rijn As with most live-aboard boats, we were shown to our cabins, given a welcoming cocktail and set free to explore the ship. The Rembrandt Van Rijn is 184 feet long and, because she is a true sailing ship, there is rigging everywhere.
    Carribean Aggressor Fleet Aboard the Bay Islands Aggressor III, you might visit the wreck of the Jado Trader or Cayos Cochinos, the Macro Capital of the World. Aboard the Belize Aggressor III, the dive of the day might be the famous Blue Hole.
    Manta Resort For seasoned divers seeking to regain a sense of past pleasures or for new divers who would like to see what Caribbean dive travel was like 20 years ago (without sacrificing modern comforts), this is the place to be.
    Your Dive Dreams Come to Life in This Blue Wonderland Looking for a spectacular undersea and above water adventure--naturally beautiful Belize...
    Dive Belize! Occasionally a dive travel opportunity comes along that just cant be passed up.
    At Play in the Realm of the Wave Dancer The good news is you dont need to win the lottery to take that dream dive trip.
    Pampered in Paradise: Belizes Turneffe Flats Resort Turneffe Flats Resort may be the best kept diving secret anywhere in the considerable Belize dive environment.