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    Big Adventures in Cortez The tall tales about the Sea of Cortez prove true to Marty Snyderman.
    On the Road to Chinchorro As warned, the first drop is a drift dive. Descending quickly in an attempt to stay together, it becomes readily apparent that we are doing a lot more than drifting.
    A Desperado's Sea Hidden in the shadow of the rising sun and the arch off Land’s End, our ship lay in wait for the Manila Galleon to sail around the peninsula into view.
    Dive House - Fiesta Americana, Cozumal Reef Juan Leca and I are riding in an underwater version of a tropical wind storm. Its a bad day for Cozumel; the current is really trucking and horizontal visibility has been reduced to only 100 feet!
    Hair-raising Crusades in Cozumel My brother is not a wimp. So I was surprised when snorkeling in Cozumel’s currents gave him the willies.
    Cabo Dive Fiesta Contest Winners We asked last years’ Dive Fiesta participants to submit photos taken during the Fiesta and to write a few words on “What Los Cabos Means to Me.”
    Cabos Dive Fiesta Sometime after landing at the airport in Cabo San Lucas, you lose your inhibitions.
    Cozumel Up Close I am about to enter the sea from the sand beach and iron-shore outcrops of the island of Cozumel. The leeside ocean is nearly as flat as a lake with crystal water gently lapping the shore...
    Los Cabos Fall Dive Festival No matter what time of year you choose, especially if you love the water, there is always something to see and do in Cabo San Lucas.
    Cozumel's Best Dives 'Dwarfed by the immensity of their monolithic formations, I felt both awed and strangely peaceful. According to Dive master Juan Carioni of Sand Dollar, drifting ....'
    Bigger and Badder in Baja For the last seven years I have been making the short three hour flight out of Los Angeles to explore the riches of the Sea of Cortez and Baja, California.
    Journey to the Center of the Earth The Mexican Riviera-Cancun south along the Yucatan's Caribbean coast, including the ferry jump to Cozumel-rides high on the tourism wave. It's the place to go for sunbathing, snorkeling, partying and, of course, scuba diving.
    Cozumel's Dive Paradise Dive Paradise currently operates three dive centers, 12 boats, officially packages with five island hotels, offers a smorgasbord of dive trips, instruction and services and has been in business on Cozumel for 15 years.
    Scuba Club Cozumel Scuba Club is a resort for divers who want comfortable rooms, good food and a dive operation offering excellent diving; all delivered without much fanfare.
    Dive House & Fiesta Americana Now introduced formally as the Dive House EDP; Experienced Diver Program; the program is in effect year-round and has been combined with summer and fall EDP special vacations.
    COZUMEL Here, in Cozumel, is one of the richest underwater scenes in the Caribbean.
    Cozumel Parade with Casa del Mar The emphasis on diving in Cozumel is hard to miss: red dive flags, fleets of dive boats, stacks of scuba tanks and groups of divers seemingly everywhere.
    Solmar V Adventure The Sea of Cortez is an active hunting, breeding and playground for a wealth of large marine creatures.
    Cozumel's Diamond Resort Cozumel successfully combines a unique Maya-Caribbean ambiance with convenience, service and truly incredible diving. There is also a great selection of resorts from which to choose; one of the best, for many reasons, is the beautiful Diamond Beach.
    Fiesta Inn - Cozumel's Best Diving And, just what was it about Cozumel that made it, at least for our little group, the king of the diving world? The visibility.