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    by Rick Frehsee, Nov. 1997

    Your dive holiday begins shortly after touchdown at the Cozumel Interna-tional Airport. Immigration and collecting baggage begin moments later. Then after pressing the button and getting a green light at Customs (only a few get a red light, indicating a baggage check), you are whisked away for a week of diving in crystal water warmed by the Mexican sun.

    That's what it's all about in Cozumel; Mexico's largest Caribbean island, with quick and easy daily flights from several U.S. coastal gateways. One of the most popular diving destinations in the world, Cozumel successfully combines a unique Maya-Caribbean ambiance with convenience, service and truly incredible diving. There is also a great selection of resorts from which to choose; one of the best, for many reasons, is the beautiful Diamond Beach.

    There are at least three keys to the excellent reputation and growing popularity of the Diamond Resort; location, atmosphere and its self-contained, all-inclusive concept. First of all, the Diamond Resort is exactly where most divers want to be; at the far southern end of the Cozumel beach strip. The reason is simple; that is where Cozumel's best diving and most famous reef sites are. Palancar Reef, Cozumel's Grand Canyon and one of the Caribbean's legendary dive sites, is only a few minutes away from the Diamond dock. Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel's second best known site, is only a few minutes more. Diamond is the shortest distance by boat from most of the major sites on the islands.

    Diamond Resort's physical presence is first class, pastoral and perfectly 'beachy.' The property is breathtakingly handsome; low profile, modern/traditional architecture, pretty guest villas with quad-cottages upstairs and downstairs, two huge lagoon-shaped swimming pools, alfresco restaurants/bars, lots of recreation and games and perhaps the most beautiful beach in all of Cozumel. The cottages are island furnished with king or double beds, telephone and TV. At the southern end of the beach is the well equipped and professionally staffed dive shop.

    Diamond Resort's on-site dive center, Dive Palancar, is one of Cozumel's finest operators. At the cement dock right in front of the dive shop, you will find several modern, mid-sized custom dive boats that will speed you comfortably to many prime dive sites. Because the best diving is so close, a schedule of five single tank boat trips is offered each day; an exclusive program that allows you to sleep late and not miss a dive or get several dives in with enough daylight left for many other attractions. The all-inclusive package covers meals, drinks, gratuities and more.

    Cozumel diving features mountainous reefs, remarkable marine life and absolutely pristine visibility. There are more than three dozen named dive sites along the 25 mile leeward coast. Sites are not moored; drift diving is the standard technique that allows you to glide along the reef effortlessly. All Dive Palancar dives are conducted with at least one in-water divemaster for each small group.

    Famous Palancar is actually one-half dozen sites or more, depending upon your entry point. Any of these will provide you with amazing size, color and diversity. In addition you won't want to miss Santa Rosa Wall, Punta Sur Reef or the Tormentos Reefs, which are also spectacular. Wherever you go, the attractions will be revealed in some of the best underwater visibility in the world.

    For more information on a gem of a diving package at the Diamond Resort, contact Tropical Adventures Travel, experts in Cozumel diving, at (800) 909-7697, (206) 441-3483; fax (206) 441-5431 or e-mail