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  • Dive In with Scuba Club Cozumel

    by Bill Gleason, Aug. 1997

    Just a ten minute walk from the small town of San Miguel, on the island of Cozumel, will bring you to the best dive resort in all of Mexico. It's called Scuba Club Cozumel and it sets a standard of excellence matched by only a few dive resorts in the world. It's nestled behind wrought iron gates. To the casual passerby, it might appear to be a private residence, because it fits into the laidback, serene surroundings of Cozumel so well.

    Scuba Club is a resort for divers who want comfortable rooms, good food and a dive operation offering excellent diving; all delivered without much fanfare. Every day, Scuba Club continues to serve the finest diving you can find in Cozumel. Its repeat business is among the highest of all dive resorts in the world; it seems that once divers find this spot, they are reluctant to even try other ones!

    Until recently, Scuba Club Cozumel was known as the Galapago Inn. Now under the ownership and management of a brand new company, the name was changed to reflect the improvements made to the property. They are extensive but most suit the resort so well that only veteran repeat visitors will know how dramatic they are; until you get to the dive operation! Scuba-Cozumel has added two new, large monohulls to its existing fleet. The two state of the art catamarans are still the backbone of the diving fleet (which includes some seven vessels in all) but previous guests indicated they would like the option of diving from monohulls as well. And when guests speak at Scuba-Cozumel, the management not only listens but usually does something about it! In this case, it was the acquisition and outfitting of the two new boats. With four large, comfortable vessels, Scuba-Cozumel can now deliver guests to the island's finest diving in record time and comfort. The remaining three vessels are still in service for small groups or by special request.

    Behind the scenes at the dive operation, compressors have been added and capacity (never a problem) increased. This style of 'fixing things before they break' is certainly not typical of the land just to the south of the U.S. border but it is a trademark style of operation for Scuba Club Cozumel. Veteran managers Tim and Patti Massimino continue to oversee all operations at the club, and report being delighted with the new boats and improvements at SCC!

    For visiting divers, this resort works better than a Swiss watch. All visitors are usually on a weekly package, which includes a very comfortable room, all diving and all meals. The resort's schedule is set to diving time; all meals, boat departures and scheduled events happen right on time. Again, a rarity in the Ma–ana Land but an everyday occurrence at the club. You begin with breakfast, board one of the boats for a two tank dive and get to explore the wonders of Punta Sur, Palancar and Santa Rosa. (Diving on nearly all of Cozumel's sites is drift diving; the staff will be happy to provide you with tips and techniques for doing it successfully.) The divers' lunch is ready when the boats return, usually around one o'clock, and is a leisurely affair. While many visitors often retire to the beachside hammocks for the afternoon, the dive operation offers additional training for those inclined and special afternoon and evening (night) dives are available upon request. Spectacular sunset dinners at the Fat Grouper complete the day and guests usually retire fairly early. SCC is a place to dive and relax, much different from the sometimes frantic pace of downtown San Miguel (particularly when the cruise ships are in town).

    The new Scuba Club Cozumel is one of the brightest stars in the diving world and will continue to set aggressive performance requirements for both its operation and staff. The Scuba Club Cozumel package is one of the best values in diving today and it's delivered with an extremely high level of professionalism. That's really good news for traveling divers. For more information on Scuba Club Cozumel, please call (800) 847-5708, (713) 783-3305 or visit the Web site at http://www.scubaclub