Freshwater Affection The manatee slowly raises its head to my mask. It looks like a tuskless walrus—flabby jowls, bristly whiskers, a thick leathery skin—an ugly face at first glance.
Hold on Tight--We're Goin' to the Keys I’ll bet you’re thinking “Oh no, not another Florida Keys dive guide! Can there possibly be anything new to write about?”
Scuba Trekking Through the Florida Keys Every time I look at Guy Miller, Skin Diver’s publisher, we start giggling like fifth-graders.
Freshwater Affection Manatees are among the most cooperative subjects a photographer is ever likely to work with.
Our Fantastic Journey It was a typical cold and dismal winter day when we left Guernsey, a small island in the English Channel, and headed for the first stop of our adventure-Key Largo, Florida.
Wrecked in Key West If you take the scenic drive down the Overseas Highway for a dive vacation in Key West, you’ll find the town has given itself a face lift...
Scuba Trekking Through The Florida Keys It’s 78°F, the sky is sapphire and I’m comfortably in cruise control at 50 miles per hour in a sparkling new Jeep Wrangler. Led Zeppelin is pumping out 'Stairway to Heaven' ...
Diving Florida Growing up in England I used to curl up into an ancient chair with a dog-eared book on Florida and spend dreary winter nights in fantasy. Ah, Florida (Spanish for flowers). I smelled the blossoms and felt the sun on my face
Expand Your Dive Experience Because of the sophisticated scuba infrastructure found throughout the Keys visitors can easily book trips to coral reefs and wrecks just offshore.
Unlimited Reef Dives! Ocean Divers' Unlimited Reef Dive Package allows guests to board any of its scheduled day or night departures, Monday through Friday.
Pennekamp Park's Five Best Dives In terms of sheer numbers of visiting divers, the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary has long reigned as America's favorite dive destination.
Key Largo It is no secret among traveling divers that the Florida Keys are a significant national treasure.
Top ten reasons to dive the Florida Keys Accessibility, Climate, Familiarity, Marine life...
Shark Reef Snorkeling at Walt Disney World Although it felt and tasted like the sea, there was no surge, no current and no waves. In fact, they were in a totally protected environment, absolutely ideal for novice snorkelers of all ages.
Amy Slate's Amoray Dive Center Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and real grass, the white and raspberry trimmed building is indicative of the care and quality that has gone into every aspect of the resort.
Key West's Modern Historical Shipwreck Of the 50 or so dive sites around Key West, the wreck of the Cayman Salvage Master is perhaps the most representative of this area's alluring undersea adventures.
Marathon's Shark Nursery ... it was my old friend the Nurse Shark; one of the most docile and weird looking specimens of the world's 350 shark species. I had heard rumors of a shark dive in the Keys and now I was witnessing proof positive.
The Florida Keys The Florida Keys are well known for their underwater delights. Fortunately, enlightened conservation methods have retained the underwater appeal of this destination.
The Dolphin Specialty Course Getting to know dolphins in the real sense of the word is a common denominator of the Dolphin Specialty Course.
Captain Slates Atlantis Dive Center One of Key Largos most revered dive operations is taking off in some interesting new directions; travel, dive equipment repair, nitrox and other watersports.
The Shipwreck Trail For underwater photographers like me, the lure goes beyond the significant sense of history, for these ships are also superb artificial reefs.
The Fish are Fantastic in the Florida Keys The abundance and diversity of marine life in the Florida Keys is always amazing, but recently I was blown away by the fish I saw on Molasses Reef.
Become a Key Largo Castaway Is it time to shed the suit and adopt the life of a castaway, at least for a brief respite? wouldnt a hotel, restaurant and dive boat;all at the same locale;be nice?
The Florida Keys Diving/Snorkeling Mecca This summer we have a family project. My wife and I are hoping to convince our four year old daughter to try snorkeling in the ocean rather than just the swimming pool.
Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys In his book Histories and Mysteries, The Shipwrecks of Key Largo, Captain Thomas Scott estimates that there are at least 1,000 shipwrecks in the Florida Keys.
Lobstermania! No matter what your hunting weapon of choice, if you havent mastered the art of tickling, you might as well hang up your tools and head for the local seafood market..