Let Us Know!

By Al Hornsby

With the changes in Skin Diver over this last year, we've received a ton of mail expressing how you, gentle readers, feel about the direction we're taking. It's been resoundingly positive, and I have to tell you, we're mighty pleased about that. We're also proud to point out that the July issue (remember the Antarctica cover?) sold more successfully on the newsstand than any SDM issue on record. In other words, newsstand readers said, "We like this one!"

Well, it's the time of year that we're working on the editorial calendar for the year 2000 and beyond. The proposed schedule is full of adventure and exotic locations, as well as diving spots closer to home. There's also going to be a lot about equipment, training and other practical issues like safety, economy and convenience. Readers have also told us they enjoyed the pieces we've had about public figures and the profiles on diving's favorite people, so we're cooking up more stories in that department, too.

Of course, all the brainstorming about this stuff is very important to us because anticipating what you want to read is the whole point. How great it would be to have you all here with us during staff meetings, huh? Not possible, of course, but maybe we can do the next best thing. How about joining us for a little project?

Take a moment to think about what we've been presenting in Skin Diver lately, then think about what you enjoy in a dive
magazine. Then, if you would, send me an e-mail at skindiver@petersenpub.com and tell us how we're doing. Let us know what types of articles you have enjoyed, and which ones you have not. Tell us what you want to see more of, and if there is subject matter we have failed to cover or others that we should avoid like the plague-enlighten us. Even if I cannot respond to every comment, I swear on a stack of Bibles to read every last one.

I look forward to your input. Who knows? You may just make my job way too easy.