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Enchanted Realms It’s hard to fathom a dive adventure to destinations like those in our Romantic Getaways section without a lover
Diving’s Own Memory Lane When I picked up my first issue of Skin Diver, back in 1962, I practically devoured the pages.
I'm Going Back At the end of most dive trips the thought crosses our minds that we need to return again. Somewhere in our DNA is a gene that revels in discovery.
Two Fathoms Below the Mast Golden doubloons. The mere mention of this antique Spanish currency fires the imagination.
Did You Get What You Want? Well, with another summer coming to an end all too quickly, I’m thinking back over my diving season this year.
Goodbye, E.R. There is a saying that when an old man dies, a library burns
A Thousand Words are Not Enough Well, you are holding in your hands a real labor of love.
Big You’re on the water, at the edge of a reef system the size of Cozumel. No one else is there. For days you’ve been exploring and haven’t even seen another boat.
Live and in Technicolor Well, the phones are still ringing about the April cover…it seems a lot of people liked it.
Words, Images, Water, Adventure and Passion In 1983, I got my first subscription to Skin Diver. After doing my certification dives in the frigid waters off Rhode Island, in February no less, I set out on a path directed by the images and words in this magazine.
Editorial Emails from readers regarding their likes and dislikes and what they wanted more of and less of.
Editorial It’s been exciting here at Skin Diver this last year, and the changes we’ve made in the magazine are having some very rewarding results.
A Moment for the Millennium After months of reading “Millennium” magazine articles, millennium this, millennium that, I made myself a promise that Skin Diver would not jump on that particular bandwagon.
Let Us Know! With the changes in Skin Diver over this last year, we’ve received a ton of mail expressing how you, gentle readers, feel about the direction we’re taking.
The Fun Just Keeps on Comin' With all the changes and new things we’ve talked about at Skin Diver lately, it might be a surprise to hear that now there’s even more change....
Editorial This is kind of a special month for diving, because it’s the time every year that we have the chance, all of us together, to say, “Thanks, Mother Nature....
Dusk Diving What better way is there to usher in the New Year than with a brand new, exciting type of U/W experience? Called dusk diving and snorkeling, it takes place as the sun sets.
The Platinum Pro Foundation If you want to see a Varied Carpetshark, also known as the In this issue, we list the recipients of the most prestigious and equitable award in the diving world. Called the SSI Platinum Pro 5000, it has been given to fewer than 1,000 divers.
Coming to America I had been hearing great things about Florida diving and it was time to rediscover America's most famous dive area.
The World's Largest Diving Event Last September, the largest event in the history of diving captured attention around the world-and I do mean world! Divers in all 50 United States (a record) and in 89 countries (another record) staged underwater cleanups.
Diving Has Never Been Better The irony is that, while the death of our oceans may appear imminent, recreational diving has never been better.
Divers Can Do! Recounted herein is a success story; one in which divers decided something they valued had to be saved and found a way to do so.
Dreams Do Come True Once upon a time, a 12 year old boy moved to the island of Guam, in the Western Pacific. He soon discovered the magical world beneath the tropical ocean.
Much Ado About The Weather Compared to most of the rest of the U.S., the weather in California is relatively benign. Perhaps that's why such a big deal has been made out of El NiÑo.
The Unique World of Dusk Snorkeling It is precisely this specialization of sight among fish that gives a unique excitement to snorkeling at different times of day, especially during the transitional hours of dusk.
What's Your Passion? Among my passions are skiing and diving. Although they would seem to have little in common, they are more alike than you might think.
How Old Is Too Old To Dive? Not long ago a Skin Diver reader wrote, asking if there was an age limit on diving. That and an impending birthday, combined with a recent interview with a 30-something editor, inspired this editorial.
Project Dive Exploration Theres some new and very interesting developments in the area of diving safety and medicine; this months editorial will be dedicated to sharing these developments with you.
A Touchy Subject; Gloves During a recent guided snorkeling program in the Caribbean, several local operators informed my group that gloves were no longer welcome attire for snorkelers or divers.
Citizen Science Divers opinions, on a variety of issues and destinations, help shape future issues of SKIN DIVER and provide the staff with direct reader feedback on the diving world.
The Golden Years Snorkeling begins at 70! These are not my words. They belong to Barbara Gillot, an energetic woman from Salinas, California, recently introduced to the wonders of the undersea world. Barbara is not alone.
Snorkeling: An Activity That Lasts a Lifetime Alan Margolis, now in his nearly 70s, recently summarized his learning experience: If you can breathe, you can snorkel. The amount of physical energy expended while snorkeling is entirely up to the individual.
Innocent Bystanders Each year, thousands of tons of garbage get dumped in the sea and local waters. Once it sinks beneath the surface, its usually forgotten.
What is Essential for Snorkelers? As the sport evolves, so do the products designed for our comfort, safety and education. However, to even determine what items qualify as accessories, we must decide exactly what is essential.
Skin Divers Extended Family It has been a remarkable summer for the staff of Skin Diver. After 46 years of publishing a single title, Skin Diver has introduced an extended family of three new diving magazines.
Conservation Works! Most marine conservation reports bring us depressing news; generally some sort of horror story about the wanton destruction of a reef or animal species. Here, for a change, is some good news about how a precious natural resource can be saved.
The Environmentally Correct Gourmet Whether dining out or eating in, fish is a politically correct choice. Low in fat and tasty, it is also thought to combat heart disease.
Your Diving Travel Hall of Fame Whats the best place you have ever dived?
Where Are We Headed? Every January someone asks, What do you envision for the future of diving?
Submerge! There are several common threads in stories like these. They include knowing what marine life might be found where and being willing to try the unusual in order to be rewarded by the unusual.
Ocean Cops Not a month goes by at Skin Diver without at least one letter or e-mail from an Ocean Cop.