By Al Hornsby

It's been exciting here at Skin Diver this last year, and the changes we've made in the magazine are having some very rewarding results. With the growth have come a lot of new editorial opportunities-many new projects, new special sections and a lot of varied, powerful articles and pictures you'll see in the coming months-as well as new opportunities for the people that bring you Skin Diver each month.

For myself, I'll still be overseeing the magazine's editorial direction, but I am now the group publisher of the titles within EMAP-USA's Marine Group, which entails a whole new set of responsibilities. The day-to-day operations of running the magazine will now be in the very capable hands of Ty Sawyer, a longtime Skin Diver associate editor-now senior editor-who has proven himself to be extremely creative, a great writer and an all-around good guy, whose passion for Skin Diver magazine (and diving in general) practically oozes out of his pores. Ty will also be sharing this editorial column with me, starting next month. I'm sure you'll see (and enjoy) the results of his new role immediately.

That ain't all, though. Tamara Collins, our other longtime Skin Diver associate editor star, has also taken on the role of editor of our website, Skin Diver Online. Her plans for the rapidly expanding site have already made our heads swim, and for those of you who visit our site now, just wait. The things that are coming will blow your socks off, no doubt at all. We are smart enough to have kept her on the magazine as well, so we won't lose the great work she brings each month.

Our assistant editor, Daryl Carson, who joined us just last year (Daryl, or Daryl Bob as he is known around here, is also editor of Skin Diver's warm-water-celebratin' quarterly Southern Diver) has stepped right in and proven himself a wealth of talent. We've increased his role in Skin Diver as a result, and he'll also bring you several special additions to the magazine throughout the year, starting next month, creating what we are already calling the "monster issue" (don't miss it).

Continuing to create the incredible visual look of the book, of course, is Mia Marzan, our art director, along with Eiko Friedman and the rest of the art folk. We aren't changing her job one bit, though-we like what she does way too much to let her change. The same is true for Andrew Lentz, our esteemed copy editor (there's a very good reason why, at Skin Diver, we manage to cross every "t" and dot every "i").
I have to admit I'll miss being immersed, day in day out, in the editorial process here, which, although it is a hell of a lot of work, is also a hell of a lot of fun. But, I guess I get to feel a little like a proud papa; our little group has accomplished a lot this past year. However, I have no doubt at all that the best still lies ahead.