Awakening the Dragon

The mysteries of Southeast Asia are the stuff of legend; ancient, sensual cultures, exotic foods and incredible natural beauty, with mountainous rain forests filled with unusual, brightly-colored animal life of every description. The warm, nutrient-rich ocean waters of the region, fringed by both white and black sand beaches and intricate coral reefs, are home to an even more vast collection of life. In fact, at the center of where life was first thought to have originated in the sea, the area is unmatched in number and diversity of species.

Time Travel in Sangalaki
by Eric Hanauer

Siamese Seas--Thailand and Burma...
text by Robert Yin & Susan Tunis,
photography by Robert Yin

Bali's Deer Island
by Jim Mastro

Images of Lembeh Straits
photos by Norbert Wu

Diving Across Malaysia
by Eric Hanauer

Southeast Asia: Getting There

For divers, Southeast Asia, the land of the dragon, has begun to reveal its secrets. Beyond such world-renowned locations as Malaysia’s Sipadin Island, there are hundreds of dive destinations throughout Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia that offer some of the world’s most exciting and fascinating diving.

As the region opens increasingly to divers, there is a sense of discovery and adventure still available that has vanished from many parts of the world. Experience it through the editors and photographers of Skin Diver as we begin to Awaken the Dragon.