Cutting Edge of New Technologies

By Ty Sawyer

Top schools breed success by staying in close touch with the present and future needs of the community the school serves. For business, letters, technology and leadership one looks to Harvard, Yale, MIT and the military academies; for cutting edge and innovative dive resort instructor training, the top dog is Pro Dive in Fort Lauderdale.

Long regarded as an innovator in the very competitive field of instructor development, Pro Dive has recently expanded its well-known Resort Operations Specialist (ROS) curriculum with an exciting new option-the New Technologies Program.

According to Greg MacKay, president and founder of Pro Dive, 'We've tried to stay abreast of the needs of the future employers of our graduates. It's no secret the resort community is very active in offering varied, new diving experiences to the public. Among these are more technical dives, using communications gear, enriched air and rebreathers.

'The resorts' problem is finding instructors qualified to offer [new technology] training and dive experience. For us, meeting that need means training our students in these new technologies as they become more popular. For the graduates, it means they have more job opportunities. It's that simple.'In Pro Dive's Resort Operations Specialist (ROS) course, the use of underwater communications gear has been a standard, integral part of the training for some time, an option not found in many other programs. Used in both the pool and open water phases of instruction, underwater communication not only facilitates the learning process but adds a marketable skill to the already comprehensive abilities of a Pro Dive graduate. The New Technologies Program option expands the envelope of knowledge and experience even further.

In addition to the core ROS instruction in such varied specialties as dive boat operations, compressor maintenance, underwater photography and coral reef ecology, the New Technologies Program gives graduates highly marketable training and certification as a PADI Enriched Air Instructor, TDI Blender, DNAx Membrane Technician (for Undersea Breathing Systems membrane compressors), Underwater Communications Instructor and TDI Rebreather Diver and Instructor.

The hallmark of any Pro Dive graduate is preparedness, the kind that fosters confidence from a marketplace searching for the best. And confidence flits through Pro Dive like a whirlwind because of its ability to anticipate and meet the needs of the resort instructor marketplace.

The success of this forward thinking has led Pro Dive to offer a unique 'Job Placement Pledge.' According to Colin Taylor, the school's marketing director, 'Our pledge is straightforward. If one of our ROS graduates doesn't get a job offer within 60 days, he or she will receive $200 per week for up to four weeks, until a job offer comes in. In more than three years of offering this pledge, we have yet to give out our first $200.'

This impressive achievement has not come in a market desperate to fill slots. Rather it has been accomplished in the extremely competitive and the highly desirable field of resort instruction. Careers in paradise-everybody wants one. Resorts can afford to be choosy and Pro Dive's graduates, regarded as among the industry's most employable new dive professionals, have found employment in top resorts and live-aboards worldwide. This really comes as no surprise. Elite schools usually build their reputations on the excellence of the product they put into the marketplace. And the marketplace always has its eye on the needs of tomorrow-a tomorrow defined by new technology and innovation.

If you're contemplating a career in the dive resort industry, it pays to do your homework. Track records speak for themselves and Pro Dive's record of success is hard to beat.

ROS (Resort Operations Specialist) Training and certification Core Curriculum
  1. Dive Boat Operations
  2. Compressor Operation & Equipment Maintenance & Service
  3. Resort Scuba Programs
  4. Underwater Photography
  5. Resort Travel
  6. Sales & Human Relations
  7. Coral Reef Ecology
  8. Drift Diving Procedures
  9. Multi-Level Computer Diving
  10. Advanced Diving Accident Management & Recompression Chamber Field Trip
  11. Orientation to Nitrox Rebreathers

PADI Instructor Specialties
  1. PADI Equipment Specialist
  2. PADI Underwater Naturalist Specialist
  3. PADI Drift Diving Specialist
  4. PADI Underwater Photography Specialist
  5. PADI Boat Diving Specialist
  6. PADI Multi-level Computer Diving Specialist

new technologies program training and certification
  1. PADI EAN Instructor
  2. TDI Blender
  3. DNA Membrane Technician
  4. PADI Underwater Communications Specialty Instructor
  5. TDI Rebreather Diver and Instructor

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