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Go Fetch Recovering lost objects from the sea floor requires the right equipment and a little know-how, but the results can win you favor with all kinds of water lovers.
Get Wet While You Work With an international reputation for excellence, Pro Dive trains the professionals of tomorrow. This could be you.
Celebrating 30 Years in Sport Diving Three decades! That’s how long ago Dave Inman opened his first dive shop in Florida.
Full Immersion Training Two top dive professionals talk about what it took to make it in the dive business and where they got “it” from.
In Depth with Pro Dive's Greg Mackay 'I follow a simple philosophy and belief that we can do it better than the other guy.' Greg Mackay.
Real World Resort Training At this well-developed facility, real-life training is the catch phrase.
Website for Dive Professionals From how we communicate to how we shop to how we conduct business, the recent advances in digital communications has forever changed the texture of the world...
Agency Comparison for New Instructors Do you want to teach locally, or move to the islands and become a resort instructor? Do you want to take an instructor training course over three months or cram it into one nine-day marathon?...
Considering Commercial Diving? Calling DIT a school is almost a contradiction in terms. For every hour of lecture time spent in a classroom, students spend two hours diving or working and learning surface support.
On the Cutting Edge of Instructor Training If a training center claims to be on the cutting edge, it had better be making good use of the latest in computer technology and software.
Cutting Edge of New Technologies Long regarded as an innovator in the very competitive field of instructor development, Pro Dive has recently expanded its well-known Resort Operations Specialist (ROS) curriculum with an exciting new option-the New Technologies Program.
Commercial Diving: Expectations vs. Reality Jim Hegeman works in a high paying world few of us will ever know-the often dim, cold waters of commercial diving.
Divers Unlimited A NEW FACILITY Practically every diver has thought of becoming a diving instructor at one time or another.
DIVERS UNLIMITED Practically every diver has thought of becoming a diving instructor at one time or another.
Commercial Diving is Booming There are many reasons commercial diving is booming. These include increased regulations and standards, pier restorations.
Diving For Dollars For an instructor holding an ROS (Resort Operations Specialist) Gold Card membership has its privileges.
Divers Unlimited Dave Inman's Divers Unlimited, a South Florida leader in PADI Instructor Development as well as in the sales of dive equipment and dive services, has taken the business to yet another level.
Descend Into Your Future: Divers Unlimited The nature of the professional side of the dive industry is in a constant state of flux. There is no PADI instructor facility more acutely aware of this than Dave Inman's Divers Unlimited.
PADI Assistant Instructor Program One of the first steps along the path of dive professionalism is certification as a PADI Assistant Instructor. This course can be taken at numerous PADI affiliated dive centers around the world.
Career Advice From An Expert So I cornered Bob [Brayman] in his office on the grounds of the Faro Blanco Resort in Marathon, Florida, and asked him the most common questions I've heard about diving careers.
Divers Academy of the Eastern Seaboard I can't think of a better time to become a commercial diver than when the demand for divers far exceeds the number available.
The Ocean Corporation Graduates of The Ocean Corporation are competent entry level commercial divers. Most work as underwater mechanics, but a few may harvest products of the sea.
Florida Diving Institute If you want personal attention during your dive instructor training, check out the Florida Diving Institute in Orlando.
Bob Brayman's Did you know that, upon completion of your dive career training you can walk away with just about any combination of certifications you could think of, from almost any variety of certifying agencies?
Pro Dive's ROS Program Pro Dive has developed the industry's most comprehensive resort training program, the only school offering PADI's Resort Operations Specialist certification.
Live Aboard Captian in Paradise Stewart Esposito is the captain of the Truk Aggressor II. Piloting this full-service live-aboard to the best sites in fabulous Truk Lagoon, he also serves as an instructor, divemaster and much more.
Gaining Customer Trust Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in your favorite dive shop?
Scientific Diving Defined Diving under the auspices of an educational institution, governmental agency or nongovernmental agency is often conducted in a different manner than a recreational dive.
Continuing Your Dive Education Ocean Divers Recreational Infrastructure: Ocean Divers has long maintained that scuba instruction should be fun, so rather than tie students to excessive hours in a classroom, its courses maximize time spent in the ocean.
Ten Weeks to Take-Off If you could have a responsible, well-paying job in the dive industry ten weeks from today, regardless of your current experience level, would you take it?
Ease Into a Diving Career Looking for something different in a scuba instruction career development center?
Personality Plus More than 2,100 dive instructors have been trained at Pro Dive, a greater number than any other PADI Career Development Center.
Dixie Divers Guides Snorkelers and Divers Dixie Divers has been selected to work exclusively with Marineland, providing several innovative experiences within the marine park. A two hour program allows guests to snorkel or dive with the marine life in the tank.
Scuba Instructors Go to Sub School Learning your job on the cutting edge can be challenging and fun, the problem is knowing where to find it.
A Divers New Years Resolutions Make one of your 1998 New Years resolutions a commitment to personal growth and enjoyment through scuba diving.
Your Place in the Diving Industry Where are you willing to live? What experience, talent or credentials do you bring to the job? Who do you know? How much money do you need to make?
Why More Divers Choose Pro Dive Confidence is a hallmark of Pro Dive graduates, a reflection of their ability and competence.
Safe, Successful Commercial Diving Each year hundreds of recreational divers will make the decision to become commercial divers.