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Heavy Breathing Heavy Breathing
Touch Me Not I had never been made aware of the fact that some sponges affect skin in a toxic manner. Well, as it turns out, they do!
When In Doubt It was a beautiful June day, one that just cries out for diving, when my buddy and I drove to Halibut Point, Rockport...
The Cold Truth At an altitude of nearly nine thousand feet, the water in Grand Lake, Colorado, on the western border of Rocky Mountain National Park, is never balmy.
Adrift and Dreaming of Survival Our dive group had come to Tobago for the drift diving and, hopefully, a glimpse of the resident Manta Rays.
Dancing in the Dark All cave divers have one thing in common: they’re wired weird.
Mexican Massacre We must be careful to not only preserve our beautiful underwater environment, but to encourage others to do so as well.
Getting Back to Your Roots—Freediving Freedivers have done some amazing things. Recently, one swam roundtrip to 250 feet, while yet another speared and landed a 760-pound Marlin.
In Too Deep Without the Know-how I went to Cozumel to try out my new Citizen Aqualand computer watch, which I could not wait to use.
Never Take Cave Diving Lightly Sometime in the early 1970s my then wife Jackie and I went to Anthony’s Key in Honduras for a vacation.
Five Easy Ways to Start Diving If you’re not a diver, but would like to give the sport a try, then it’s entirely possible that within an hour of finishing this article, you could be experiencing the exhilaration of breathing underwater.
Dragged Down by Tank Troubles We couldn’t wait for our first kelp experience as the 65-foot boat pulled into Catalina Island’s Italian Gardens dive site.
Enlighten Me Our trip started like all the ones before it.
Derailing Diving’s Myths and Fears If you are thinking about getting certified, you may have a few questions, fears or lingering doubts in the back of your mind.
I’m not bent, it’s just this pain in my... I got bent! Some might say that I deserved it because of my long dive profile, and some might say that it was a statistical inevitability for an active diver with many years under their belt.
The Natural Selection of Rebreathers It was a wonderful day. Flat seas and clear skies greeted us as we passed the point and moved offshore.
Current Troubles It was 1983, and I was about to go on an ill-fated dive in Hawaii.
Back to Basics By the time you’ve logged a hundred dives, you’re supposed to know what you’re doing. So how do you find yourself swallowing water at 90 feet with your mask filling up and your fin slipping loose?
Training Maintaining a perfectly horizontal position in the water allows you to maintain proper balance control, which is the key to efficiency.
You Get What You Pay For ...three divers were found clutching a small rock outcropping on the reef where they had spent an uncomfortable, but safe night.
Down Too Deep with No Air to Spare I was finally away from Miller’s Quarry in Iowa and off to some world-class ocean diving.
Regulator Misfire Rescue Things can go wrong and equipment can malfunction, so you must try to prepare yourself for emergency situations.
Drift Diving Means Currents I knew plenty about Cozumel’s clear blue waters and dazzling array of sea life, but I’d also heard the island was famous for drift diving—and visions of this effortless activity were all I needed to buy a round-trip ticket.
Self-Sufficiency While poetic justice may even the score, it doesn’t come without a price. I had logged each and every dive in detail since becoming certified three years ago....
Super course super coach To travel and dive with a good friend who is also an inspiration and a great source of help is a joy unequaled.
Lake Tahoe's Cold Water I gasped with shock as ice cold water crept into my wetsuit.
Trapped Alone, Under the Ice Diving in Montana in the early '60s was rare. With no formal instruction available, most of us learned by reading the skimpy equipment manuals and by trail and error.
Overeating and Overheating Diving usually gives me an appetite, but the freezing water made me ravenous.
Slammed and Slashed in an Elkhorn Rinse Cycle The reef had a small natural cut that allowed boat passage from the protected waters of the beach to the deeper, open waters of the Caribbean.
Wet Drysuit and a Quest for Dog Sharks = $200 Lost By the end of our second dive we were tired, but we wanted more. We returned to Whytecliff for a night dive at 8:30.
Boat Dive Becomes a Drift Dive Since 95 percent of my diving is done from shore, I leapt at the opportunity to dive off a boat along the beautiful Santa Barbara, California, coast.
Curiosity Causes a Life-Threatening Crisis in a Cavern Just past the entrance, the cavern got bigger, so I kept swimming, but saw no signs of lobsters. Not wanting to go back to the boat empty handed, I kept going.
An Overloaded Boat & Although lobsters were on the minds of my co-divers, I was just happy to have made it to our dive site without capsizing.
A Seiche Nearly Sweeps Divers Our group of 10 student divers had traveled to the very tip of the peninsula of Door County, Wisconsin to complete the last of our open water dives for certification.
A Wreck Dive Gone Awry I've been diving for 34 years. I have spent much of that time exploring the Great Lakes. It's not exactly the Florida Keys but we like it and our wrecks are in better shape.
Deserted at Sea When we broke the surface and looked in all directions, we were shocked to realize we had been abandoned at a reef 35 miles from the mainland of Australia!
The Wreck Dive From Hell I recently went on a vacation after a six month hiatus from diving. On the last day of the trip I experienced a bad deep wreck dive, which I never want to repeat.
Wild Ride in the Cape Cod Canal The three of us had gathered on a small beach in Sandwich, Massachusetts, to dive for lobsters. We had brought a surfboard along...
Excess Caution Leads to Divers First Underwater Emergency My friend Jenny had recently been certified and was making her fifth open water dive when we stepped off a pier into the calm, clear waters of Bonaire...
Short Anchorline Causes Boat to Float off into the Inky Dark of Night The seas were calm and the night pitch black, except for the lights warning mariners of the dangerous reefs of Little Narragansette Bay and Block Island Sound...
Freediver Experiences Shallow Water Blackout After scuba diving for nearly 18 years, I began freediving, hoping for a new challenge...
New Divers Faulty Equipment Two weeks after I received my PADI open water certification, I saw an ad in a local dive magazine announcing a dive boat trip to a wreck off San Pedro, California...
Hose Blowout Knocks Sense Into Vacationing Diver My trip to Fiji from New York had taken months of planning and 18 hours in a plane...
First Night Dive Two years ago, I vacationed in South Florida, making my first dives in a saltwater environment...
Dive Flag Becomes a Personal Watercraft Slalom Course! One must always be alert to overhead conditions and not trust others on the surface regardless of the presence of a dive flag and regulations pertaining to it.
The Numbing Concussion of a Fish Bomb Makes a Diver Deaf for Life! It began as a unique dive adventure in Malaysia with a few great companions from China, Japan and Australia. One item of concern to us, though, was the constant sound of fish bombs employed by the local fishermen.