time capsules

By Tamara Collins

1976 - Cardone Covers the Art of the Sea
Bonnie Cardone first appeared on the masthead of Skin Diver magazine as editorial assistant in December 1976, coincidentally, the magazine's 25th anniversary issue. Her name was added to a short list of long-time staff members: Paul Tzimoulis, editor-publisher; Connie Johnson, managing editor; and Art Smith, art director.
Cardone's first article appeared two months later in the February issue. She introduced Skin Diver's readers to William H. Brown, a diver and artist who painted what he saw beneath the sea. Using acrylic on canvas, Cardone wrote, "Brown paints graceful sharks and rays, menacing barracudas and brightly hued fish."
Rising through the ranks, and eventually becoming Skin Diver's editor, Cardone's articles and photographs appeared in the magazine for the next 23 years.

1966 - Church Takes a Shot at Writing
When Jim Church began writing for Skin Diver in May 1966, the magazine's photography column was 10 years old. His first article was A Beginner's Guide to Underwater Photography, and although the sophistication of the equipment has changed, the advice is still relevant: start with an inexpensive camera, stay in shallow water, shoot close and keep a record of your shots.
Church's column, You-Can-Do-It, appeared sporadically throughout the late '60s. In May 1968, he wrote his first travel feature, and two years later, Church and then-wife Cathy started one of Skin Diver's longest running photography columns, Underwater Photography Quick and Easy. Church's columns had many incarnations, appearing regularly in the magazine until 1999. Church will contribute several features in 2001.

1958 - Boyd and the Beauty
As the saying goes, there is a woman behind every successful man. In Ellsworth Boyd's case, the woman happened to be Bettie Page. In 1958, Boyd spotted Page from his perch on a lifeguard stand at a Ft. Lauderdale beach. He approached her with the best of intentions: teach her how to skin dive and write about it for Skin Diver magazine. In his article, which appeared in June that year, Boyd wrote, Bettie was fascinated with the silent world of fish and coral. In twenty feet of water she dived like a veteran.
The article, The Latest Rage with Bettie Page, launched a writing career that has spanned 43 years. He wrote on a number of subjects: travel, equipment, wreck diving, commercial diving and ecology. Boyd's monthly column, Wreck Facts, which appeared in Skin Diver from 1982 to 1988, brings the grand total of his contributions to 140 articles. Boyd will soon be adding to the list in February, with the return of Wreck Diving.