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Be Ready for Mr. Big Be Ready for Mr. Big
Composing Powerful Photographs I find myself thinking so much about f/stops, lighting techniques and focus, etc., that I feel like my pictures lack soul. What I want to know is, what can I do to make my photographs more interesting?
Poor Visibility I have just moved from south Florida to Seattle, WA. The diving in the Pacific Northwest is spectacular, but on the whole my photographs aren’t as good as my opportunities. Any advice?—Greg G., Seattle, WA
Getting the Blues Could Make You Happy In Kyle’s e-mail he further explained that the problem with his Blue Hole images was that while the stalactites looked great ...
Is Full Power Always the Best Power? A number of strobes that are designed primarily for macro photography only have one power setting.
How To Photograph Reef Fish What’s your advice to first-time underwater photographers?—Richard P., Chicago, IL
Go Wide, Get Close and Force the Perspective 'What does forcing the perspective mean, and how do I go about it?' - Glenn S., Boston, MA
Learn to Shoot from the Pros When I began my career in underwater photography, Elvis was on tour and the camera of choice was a Nikonos II.
Ask the Pro: Stop Repeating Mistakes I cannot believe it! I keep making the same mistakes. I place fish faces dead center in my frame and cut off their tails.
Secrets to Creating Powerful Silhouettes This month’s question, from Hank A. of Mobile, AL, focuses on silhouettes.
Guide Numbers This month’s question is from Chris H. of Miami. Chris asks, “What is a guide number for a strobe and what do I do with that information?”
One Strobe or Two? This month’s column focuses on whether two strobes are better than one.
Speed Kills! Let’s take a look at which films work well in underwater photography and why.
Chasing the Blues Away What can I do to get rid of the blues?
Getting Started Recently, I was honored to be the emcee of the 33rd San Diego Underwater Photographic Society Film Festival.
Avoiding Backscatter Backscatter—the word that collectively describes those horrible, strobe-lit, out-of-focus blobs in the foreground of an underwater photo.
Shooting Sharks No, not for fin soup. This month’s question from George B. of San Francisco asks for tips on photographing sharks.
Negative Space Recently one of my students, Jean C. of Littleton, CO, told me that she had heard another photographer talking about the importance of negative space.
Backlighting Basics Subjects that are backlit can look awesome, but when I tried backlighting, my photographs were completely blown out by my strobe. Can you help me learn how to backlight?