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Diver's Library Information from the World of Diving
Diver's Library Capt. Dan Berg’s Delaware Maryland & Virginia Chart of Shipwrecks, Coral Seas, and Reef Life
Information from The World of Diving The Spirit of the Whale is more about man than it is the great mammals that roam the sea.
Crustacea Guide of the World In his acknowledgement, author Helmut Debelius cites a Chinese proverb: “The beginning of wisdom is getting things by their right name.”
Diver's Library Scuba Diving: A Woman’s Guide, by Claire Walter; Hawaii Underwater, produced by Lew Trusty
Diver’s Library 'The Undersea World of Wyland', forward by Sylvia A. Earle; 'ORCA', The Sacred Whale, produced by Dr. Randall Eaton and Tim Gauthier; and 'OceanLife', Vol III, Hawaii, Second Edition, Sumeria Inc.
Diver's Library A Guide to Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes, by Gerald R. Allen and Ocean’s End: Travels Through Endangered Seas, by Colin Woodard
Diver's Library Diving in High-Risk Environments and The Coral Reefs of Papua New Guinea
I Thought I Saw Atlantis 'I Thought I Saw Atlantis' and 'Sharks and Rays of the World'
Shark! 'Shark!' and 'Lost Treasure Ships of the Twentieth Century'
This Is the Caribbean 'This Is the Caribbean', and 'Shipwreck'
Best Dives’ Snorkeling Adventures 'Best Dives’ Snorkeling', and 'Return to Midway'
Mysteries of the Sea 'Mysteries of the Sea', 'Diving and Snorkeling Cuba', and 'What is Natural? Coral Reef Crisis.'