Skin Diver's Extended Family

By Paul Tzimoulis

It has been a remarkable summer for the staff of Skin Diver. After 46 years of publishing a single title, Skin Diver has introduced an extended family of three new diving magazines. The first was Sharks & Divers, which was quickly followed by Southern Diver and Western Diver.

Diver response has been enormously positive. Many newsstands and bookstores were completely sold out. Those first editions are now considered collector's items and sell for a pretty good buck; if you can find them.

Why the gold rush for these new magazines? Primarily because of the active diver's hunger for good information. Despite the current internet boom and proliferation of Web sites, print magazines are alive, well and growing. Each of our three new titles focuses on a specific region of diving activity, utilizing the same high quality production and color graphics that are incorporated in Skin Diver.

Southern Diver is packed with exciting information and photos on all aspects of Florida diving. It provides full length features on ten geographic regions of Florida plus every imaginable diving activity from spearfishing to nitrox, technical and rebreather diving. The reader can explore the wrecks and artificial reefs of the Panhandle and Florida's freshwater springs and then read about diving with the Manatees, drift diving Palm Beach reefs, penetrating the shipwrecks off Miami Beach, meandering through the Florida Keys or vacationing in Ft. Lauderdale. Southern Diver is a valuable reference for any diver living in or planning to dive the Florida area.

Western Diver presents Pacific diving in its finest splendor, with a magnificent collection of striking photos that portray the excitement and adventure of diving from British Columbia to Baja. Readers can wind their way through a magical forest of kelp, go on a California beach dive, visit the Channel Islands, discover San Diego's top dives or enjoy a Baja vacation getaway. The issue is filled with tips on underwater photography, lobster diving, boat diving, spearfishing and nitrox diving.

Sharks & Divers offers global coverage of shark diving. In this publication readers are provided with a world wide map of shark dives, first person reports of encounters with Great Whites, Makos, Hammerheads, Blues and about a dozen other species. There is even a list of 50 fascinating shark facts divers should know. The first edition provides helpful tips on underwater shark photography as well as a world wide guide on live-aboards that offer shark diving activities.

If you have missed any of these first editions and can't find a copy, do not despair. Beginning in January, Skin Diver will be publishing new editions of all three titles. Look for them at your neighborhood newsstand or in your local dive store.