The Fun Just Keeps on Comin'

By Al Hornsby

With all the changes and new things we've talked about at Skin Diver lately, it might be a surprise to hear that now there's even more change. First, there's the exciting new design of Southern Diver. If you're a subscriber down south, you receive it as an insert in Skin Diver each quarter. Otherwise, it's available on newsstands (inside Skin Diver) everywhere. You have a real southern diver to thank for it-Daryl Carson, SDM's new assistant editor, and now editor of Southern Diver, and Eiko Friedman, Southern's new art director.

Next, if you haven't seen the latest incarnation of Discover Diving, another of our publications, you should go down to your local dive store (that's where they can be found) and check it out. Discover Diving's redesign and its ongoing bimonthly publication is the effort of co-editors Tamara Collins and Ty Sawyer while the eye-popping graphics come from Kimberly Richey, Discover's new art director. We're mighty proud of all their fine work.

Besides these changes, we welcome the latest addition to our family, Asian Diver. The premier scuba magazine of the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore-based Asian Diver is a dazzling book covering the exotic underwater world of this region every other month. Asian Diver is the editorial and design work of Julia Goh, who will be producing Asian Diver with its new publisher, Michelle Tay. We are pleased to welcome this great staff to the team.

There will be even more going on in the months ahead, events, special projects and the world's most complete, dynamic coverage of everything that is the diving experience. In the meantime, it's time to pack for Skin Diver's first Scuba Trek through the Florida Keys September 20 to 26, 1999, with a major parte in Key West on the evening of the 26th. It's not too late to join us. Grab a vehicle, your dive gear and some friends, and head on down. Dive-jive history just may be in the making.