2000-05 Live and in Technicolor

By Al Hornsby

Well, the phones are still ringing about the April cover...it seems a lot of people liked it. Even our printer called to say it was "the most beautiful cover they had ever seen." But please don't tell Norbert Wu. I mean, after all, to be able to take pictures like that is bad enough-let's not give him a swelled head, too.

There are a number of new things on the horizon for Skin Diver, with several of them having their debut this issue. First, you may notice, there are no longer any black and white articles. This change is a permanent one; the way we look at it, the amazing beauty of the undersea realm deserves nothing less. You may also notice some reorganization of the advertising and some new information sections. On page 109, there's a new color section called "Travel Guide." This will put a great deal of dive travel information in one, easy-to-find place.
One of the nicest new features, however, is the "Marketplace" section that begins on page 116. It will provide a convenient area for information on dive products, services and travel. If you need some specialty parts for your camera, a diving training course or the number of a nice B&B in the islands, this is a great place to start.

"The Bahamas Guide" beginning on page 84 also represents a new approach that we'll be using a lot in the future-live updates from writers on assignment. For those of you who visit the Skin Diver website (www.skin-diver.com), you will notice the daily uplinks from our correspondent, Michael Lawrence, in the Bahamas. While Michael was there writing the story, he logged on and reported on each day's adventures. The Web story and the magazine piece complement each other very well and give a much more in-depth look at the lovely islands of the Bahamas than the magazine alone could. We'll be using this approach a lot in the months to come, and we hope you'll enjoy it. Let us know what you think.

Good diving,