2000-07 Let Us Amuse You

Explorer Bob, stuck in the dreaded quick-ice, would have to wait a few more minutes before being rescued. The Antarctic road crew that found him had just started their coffee break. Photo: Steve P. Alexander

Another photographer sells out in hopes of getting the perfect image. Photo: David B. Fleetham

Little is known about the ferocious Tammy Faye Triple Fin. Photo: Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock

Reports would later confirm that the giant clam felt violated when the diver tried to grab its pearl. “I was going to put it back,” the diver said. Photo: Chris Jaffe

Chuck and Steve were having a hard time doing buddy checks while trying to avoid direct eye contact. Photo: Jim Mastro

Dazed and confused. Photo: Cathy Church

Frame the perfect whale shot and some jackass with a camera will always cut you off. Photo: Michele Westmorland