From about 1650 until nearly 1730, the Caribbean Basin was a wild and wooly place, the domain of the pirates. in their glory years, they practically owned the region, taking many hundreds of ships each year, seeking silver, gold and precious jewels. Their explorations and escapes from the authorities led them to find hiding places in the most secluded--and oft-times most beautiful--spots in the caribbean, and they left their mark with their abandoned castles, tales of buried treasure, sunken ships and a penchant for rum that has never quite been forgotten. How ironic that these same islands today are the playgrounds for adventures of a different sort, adventurers looking for a different, but no less prescious treasure. Divers have discovered these islands and waterways the pirates once ruled...and they have come to love this wondrous area, like no other diving locale on earth. A Pirate's Holiday
by Tally and Lionel Pozzoli

Full-Blown Cayman
by Donald Tipton

Little Shop of Colors: Discovering St. Vincent and the Grenadines
by Debbie Fugitt

In the Shadow of the Pitons: Diving St. Lucia
by Bret Forbes

Easing into Bonaire
by Sara Shoemaker

The Wild Side of Eden: Dominica
by Jonathan Bird