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Why Hollywood Celebrities Can’t Resist Scuba Diving For decades, Hollywood's fascination with scuba diving has taken the hobby and glamorized it into huge films. But beyond Hollywood, actors have taken this passion behind the camera and turned it into real-life hobbies.
Wyland Closer to home, the artist known as Wyland has been drawing attention to the beauty of our water planet for the last two decades.
The Hard Way It’s impossible to summarize the resume of Robert F. Marx into something easily comprehended.
Captain Spencer Slate Slate, who moved to South Florida in 1978, has lived the divers’ dream.
E.R. Cross In Memoriam It tickled him to call me “Boss”; it tickled me that he did so.
Diving with a Curve An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at a Playboy photo shoot in the wet and wild Bay Islands.
Find a Job that You Love Ron Kipp has had a talent for business since childhood, so it is little wonder that he would become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the dive travel business.
Oceanic Today Oceanic has evolved into an incredibly diverse company offering a full line of dive gear, most of which is designed and made in the 100,000 square foot headquarters building in San Leandro, California.
The Dolphin Lady …hearing stories of pods of dolphins [north of Bimini], Nowdla went looking for them…[they] found each other on the first try.
Fish Out of Water An underwater photojournalist poses as a sports photographer and learns the ins and outs of the profession from Cubs photographer, Steve Green.
Dolphins Meet Dharma What do you get when you put a vivacious, intuitive young woman in touch with two playful, curious dolphins?
Neal Watson: Just Funnin' Forty years ago, if you had asked Neal Watson about this new thing called scuba, he would have told you it was a passing trend.....
Lloyd Bridges in his own words Lloyd Bridges starred as Mike Nelson for only four years out of a 60 year acting career and spent the rest of his life trying to avoid being typecast.
Truk Lagoon with David Hasselhoff In May 1998, I was happy to serve as instructor, tour guide and traveling companion for David and Pamela aboard the Truk Aggressor II in Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon.
Carlos Eyles: Freediving Photographer After a brief look, it was easy to see that Carlos success as an underwater photographer resulted from his uncanny ability to interact with marine life. During a recent conversation, he revealed a few secrets.