Ikelite's NS Rotating Tray

By Bonnie J. Cardone

So, you've finally graduated to using two strobes with your Nikonos V. Rats! Now you can shoot only horizontal format photos. When you turn your camera on its side, one of your strobe lights the photo from the bottom;not exactly what you had in mind.llights

It doesn't have to be thus;check out Ikelite's new N5 Rotating Tray. It allows you to use one or two strobes with a Nikonos V and rotate the camera from a horizontal to a vertical position without turning the whole system.

The N5 Rotating Tray consists of a 12 inch long, one inch wide bar of anodized aluminum. The rotating mechanism is attached to both the center of the bar and Ikelite's Nikonos V (N5) tray. Any of Ikelite's strobe arms can be mounted to the ends of the tray and a shoe on the underside of each end accepts TLC and Ultra Light arms. Our photo shows the Rotating Tray with a Substrobe 200 and Quick Release Handle on one end, the Substrobe 50 and Macro Grip Arm on the other.

When using the Rotating Tray you need position your strobes only once. After you've locked them in place, changing the camera from a vertical to a horizontal position (and back again) is an easy, one hand operation;it's all in the thumb. Holding the setup with your right hand positions a lever on the Rotating Tray near your right thumb. Push this lever and move the camera into position. The tray will lock in place when the camera is fully upright or fully horizontal;and you never have to take your hand off the camera.rotating tray

The NS Rotating Tray can be purchased with the N5 tray for $150; if you already have an Ikelite N5 tray, purchase it separately for $100. For more information on this and any other Ikelite product, write to the company at 50 West 33rd Street, P.O. Box 88100, Indianapolis, IN 46208, phone (317) 923-4523. You can also check out the Web site at www.ikelite.com.