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Masterclass-Shooting with the Pros The massive, three-level camera table sits empty. The dive deck is momentarily quiet. A rare moment of silence and contemplation before the guests begin to arrive.
Malaysia underwater photo and video competition winners The second annual Underwater Malaysia Photo and Video Competition, which occurred September 2-11 in Borneo, Malaysia, produced not only a great time for the attendees, but also resulted in remarkable photographs that won fabulous prizes.
Photo Gallery The finest images from diving's most accomplished photographers are assembled in this make-your-jaw-drop pictorial.
Photographer Biographies The contributors to Skin Diver’s Photo Annual are without argument the world’s best at what they do.
Choosing the Right Film Whether you are just learning underwater photography or are seasoned shooter, choosing the film that best suits your needs is important...
The 1997 Nikonos Shootout Winners They came for the diving and the chance of taking a prize winning photograph but found much more.
Underwater Photo School in Paradise The range of equipment used by me and my classmates included Nikonos, Sea & Sea and housed SLR cameras. Our classroom contained multiple light boxes for slide viewing and video equipment for those who prefer that medium.
Nikonos Shootout Winners The Nikonos Shootouts offer amateur underwater photographers incredible prizes, parties, education and camaraderie in the spirit of healthy competition.
Ikelite's NS Rotating Tray Ikelite's new N5 Rotating Tray allows you to use one or two strobes with a Nikonos V and rotate the camera from a horizontal to a vertical position without turning the whole system.
The Basics of Strobe Photography One of the most important tools available to the underwater photographer is the electronic flash or strobe.
Three Key Shots Watch any movie or TV program and you will see that they are combinations of three basic shots.
Learn to Shoot Macro Photography Easy to use, macro lenses make it possible to achieve great images right from the start.
Nikonos Hot Shots The Nikonos 15mm ultra wide angle lens produces spectacular results
Sea & Sea VX-1000 As we near the end of the millennium it seems digital data is becoming the norm.
Getting Started in U/W Photography Divers often hesitate to get involved in underwater photography simply because they don't know how to get started.
Super Course, Super Coach To travel and dive with a good friend who is also an inspiration and a great source of help is a joy unequaled.
Turn Memories into Snapshots Not everyone wants to invest the time and money needed to take professional quality U/W photographs. Many divers simply want to bring home memories
Getting Started in U/W Photography It seems that whenever we tell someone we are scuba divers, they immediately want to know what it looks like in the deep blue.
Take Great U/W Photos in Eight Days-or Less! Underwater photography can be an exceptionally gratifying experience or a totally frustrating nightmare.
How to Edit as You Shoot The key to editing in camera is being selective about what you shoot.
Underwater Video for Senior Divers Ive seen a trend develop during the past five years: Increasing numbers of senior divers (okay, senior citizens) are shooting underwater video.
Improving Your Shots In this lesson, lets concentrate on improving individual shots.
Unlock the Photographer Within There are so many beautiful things to observe that you will want to share them with your family and friends back home; and photos are the best way.
Shooting for the TV Screen In years past, showing underwater pictures often meant setting up a slide projector and a large screen. Today, many photographers are shooting video and have copied their 35mm slides to video.
A Snorkelers Love Affair with Photography Carol was distinctive; when we met, she had a single use camera attached to each wrist and a bright orange Nikonos V on a strap around her neck. Clearly, here was a person who loved photography as much as she adored snorkeling.
Shooting Shipwrecks With the increasing number of ships, aircraft and other man-made objects being sunk to create artificial reefs and dive sites, more underwater videographers are recording shipwrecks on tape.
Focusing Techniques The purpose of this lesson is to help you decide when to use autofocus, manual focus or a combination of the two for zone focusing.