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A Boat Diving Primer Nobody wants to look like a klutz, though and things can get confusing on a full boat. So, all dive operators have certain procedures they ask you to follow.
Discover the Underwater World as a Family While not unique, one of snorkelings great attributes is its appeal to participants of all ages. During nearly 20 years of leading group snorkeling programs, Ive worked with people from 8 to 80 (actually 87!) years old.
Teach Your Kids to Swim In fact, there are very few animals that cant swim in one way or another. Many dont, or at least not often, but they are able should the need arise. Yet, Im always surprised by the number of people, both children and adults, who tell me they cant swim.
Blue Water Adventures Blue water diving is the closest you may get to a space walk without being an astronaut. It is diving in a clear water environment in which there are no fixed objects and no functional bottom.
Divers Institute of Technology Commercial diving is an activity that requires study and detailed knowledge of methods of accomplishing specific tasks.
PADI Open Water Diver CD-ROM PADIs new multi-media CD-ROM training course for open water certification takes you into a classroom, pool, equipment area and travel center before you even get wet.
Snorkelers Beware! Underwater injuries are rarely intentional attacks. Most are caused by accidental collisions with the razor sharp edges of a coral head, the venom-filled spines of a scorpionfish or stingray...
NAUI's Colorful Guide Learning does not have to be a tedious task! Your kids can have fun; especially with NAUI's Snorkeling for Kids video and coloring book.
PADIs Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving It features revisions throughout, including new sections on emerging technologies, underwater geography, environmental awareness and careers in diving, among others.
PADI Advanced Open Water Video To help you along, PADI has produced a video meant to accompany its Advanced Open Water or Advanced Plus certification courses: PADIs Adventures in Diving.
Bottle Collecting Bottle collecting is an equal opportunity underwater activity for fresh and saltwater divers.