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Discover Scuba Diving Program What is the purpose of the Discover Scuba Diving Program (DSD)? The program was developed to introduce SCUBA diving to the public.
Taming the Buoyancy Beast Good buoyancy control is an essential skill to not only becoming a good diver, but becoming a more comfortable diver as well.
Snorkeling Techniques For people who wish to actually get wet and mingle with the fish, snorkeling is one of the easiest, safest and most delightful invitations to explore the aquatic wilderness.
Turning Your Spouse into a Buddy Love, passion and commitment are pretty strong sentiments, usually reserved for that special person in your life.
June is Scuba Month There’s National Fishing Month, National Skiing Month, even National Bowling Month. But until now, there has never been a National Scuba Month.
Nitrox for the Beginner During open water diver training your instructor more than likely mentioned nitrox.
The Golden Rule What is the golden rule of diving? “Do unto your buddy as you would have your buddy do unto you.”
Problem Management and Judgement Murphy’s Law sees to it that each of us is challenged every day. Whether it be driving our car, running a household or going camping, life has a tendency to throw little obstacles our way.
Looking Glass Mask clearing is one of the most challenging skills to master in dive training.
Deep Communications Communicating with absolute clarity is one of diving's most important lessons.
Diving Déjà View Returning to shore or one’s boat while underwater is more than the mark of a skilled diver.
Watch The Attitude A diver’s attitude as described in this article is the bodily posture assumed when moving through water.
Stay Sharp on Emergency Training First aid, CPR, defensive driving, and lifeguard training. All of these have one thing in common. They are designed to teach a person how to deal with urgent or emergency situations.
Go It Alone Spread your wings and fly! As an individual you are at your strongest. You will never feel more self-assured as when you are guided by your own whims and desires.
Shore Diving On night dives in the Caribbean, you’ll often see a swirling, dancing swarm of tiny, reddish-brown worms that will gather around your dive light....
deep in the heart of the big blue After accepting a contract to make a multimillion dollar, giant format (IMAX) film about sharks, I decided it would be wise to select a location where I had a good chance of finding some.
Finding Treasure Beneath Your Fins Most people have heard the stories of divers reaching into a hole for a lobster and retrieving an ornate gold plate or divers discovering antiquated coins carpeting the ocean bottom after a storm.
Rob Shirley's Pro 48 A meeting with Rob Shirley in Grand Cayman for a look at one of his newest models, a triple-jet powered 48 footer with a sharp, rakish profile, turned into an event where I would eat crow-by the bucket full.
The PADI Master Scuba Diver PADI has devised a system of diver education where your experience and knowledge are immediately recognizable. With the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating, you can wear your achievement like a badge of honor.
Enjoying the Current's Each of our lives has significant moments;short lived experiences that make lasting impressions.For me, some of these most meaningful episodes have occurred while drift snorkeling.
Snorkeler''s Perspective Each of our lives has significant moments;short lived experiences that make lasting impressions.For me, some of these most meaningful episodes have occurred while drift snorkeling.
Breathe Your Way Out of Trouble The current boom in baby births has provided divers with a lesson on the power of controlled breathing.
Cold Water Diving Wearing a DRYSUIT is fun! Drysuits make diving cooler waters comfortable year-round.
Enjoyable Current Diving Current diving is a '90s type of activity;you go with the flow and it is easy and fun!
Night Diving Night diving expands scuba into a 24 hour sport! Once you have seen a reef in daylight, a moonlight view is amazingly different.
A Diver's New Year's Resolutions Make one of your 1998 New Year's resolutions a commitment to personal growth and enjoyment through scuba diving.
Great Snorkeling Adventures Each of our lives has significant moments-short lived experiences that make lasting impressions.
Rush Hour on the Reef if you've never snorkeled at dusk, you're missing half the action. In the fading illumination of dusk snorkelers can view the reef in an entirely new light.
Air Management What the heck does air management mean? Well, if you're not familiar with this term, you need to read on.
Are You A Closet Solo Diver? The instructional agencies teach and practice the importance of buddy diving.
A Childs Delight Today families have more choices than ever before of how to spend leisure time with their kids.
What is Essential for Snorkelers? In this issue of Snorkeling Tourbook we focus on a variety of accessories available for today's snorkelers.
The Golden Years 'Snorkeling begins at 70!' These are not my words. They belong to Barbara Gillot, an energetic woman from Salinas, California,.
Snorkeling-An Activity That Lasts a Lifetime Over the last 20 years, I have had the privilege of teaching thousands of people to snorkel. Many of these students have been more than 60 years old.
A Touchy Subject-Gloves During a recent guided snorkeling program in the Caribbean, several local operators informed my group that gloves were no longer welcome attire for snorkelers or divers.
The Ins and Outs of Cave Diving Since prehistoric times people have been fascinated by caves.
The Scenic Splendor of a Drift Snorkel Carried along by the force of the sea, it's more like a scenic car ride, where you sit back and enjoy the scenery.
Go With the Flow-Become a Drift Snorkeler All that's needed for successful drift snorkeling is a current and a spirit of conscientious abandon. By this I mean that the more comfortable you are in the water, the freer you are to relish the ride
NASDS' Ocean Diver Program The National Association of Scuba Diving Schools (NASDS) has developed a curriculum that expands a diver's knowledge beyond the standard requirements for open water certification.
A Boat Diving Primer Nobody wants to look like a klutz, though and things can get confusing on a full boat. So, all dive operators have certain procedures they ask you to follow.
Discover the Underwater World as a Family While not unique, one of snorkelings great attributes is its appeal to participants of all ages. During nearly 20 years of leading group snorkeling programs, Ive worked with people from 8 to 80 (actually 87!) years old.
Teach Your Kids to Swim In fact, there are very few animals that cant swim in one way or another. Many dont, or at least not often, but they are able should the need arise. Yet, Im always surprised by the number of people, both children and adults, who tell me they cant swim.
Blue Water Adventures Blue water diving is the closest you may get to a space walk without being an astronaut. It is diving in a clear water environment in which there are no fixed objects and no functional bottom.
Divers Institute of Technology Commercial diving is an activity that requires study and detailed knowledge of methods of accomplishing specific tasks.
PADI Open Water Diver CD-ROM PADIs new multi-media CD-ROM training course for open water certification takes you into a classroom, pool, equipment area and travel center before you even get wet.
Snorkelers Beware! Underwater injuries are rarely intentional attacks. Most are caused by accidental collisions with the razor sharp edges of a coral head, the venom-filled spines of a scorpionfish or stingray...
NAUI's Colorful Guide Learning does not have to be a tedious task! Your kids can have fun; especially with NAUI's Snorkeling for Kids video and coloring book.
PADIs Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving It features revisions throughout, including new sections on emerging technologies, underwater geography, environmental awareness and careers in diving, among others.
PADI Advanced Open Water Video To help you along, PADI has produced a video meant to accompany its Advanced Open Water or Advanced Plus certification courses: PADIs Adventures in Diving.
Bottle Collecting Bottle collecting is an equal opportunity underwater activity for fresh and saltwater divers.