Discover Scuba Diving Program

By Clarke

Discover Scuba Diving

What is the purpose of the Discover Scuba Diving Program (DSD)? The program was developed to introduce SCUBA diving to the public. There are 3 parts to the program. Part one took the participant through the minor aspects of equipment, physic and physiology of diving, much like the 1st lecture of the standard Open Water program. The 2nd phase places the partaker in a pool, or confined body of water with pool like conditions. This is where they receive training on how to use equipment and are shown specific skills which allows by an Instructor or qualified Divemaster or Assistant Instructor. Some time the experience stops there if there is no place to take them for an actual Open water Dive. Step 3. If an OW dive is offered, the DSD candidates are taken to the ocean, local lake or quarry, with full gear and a SCUBA Diving Instructor. They are taken to a depth of no greater than 40, conditions permitting with a specific # of divers in the group. If you come across a shop doing it any differently, stay away… They are not following the dive agencies Standards and procedures.