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The links page allows you to search our database of scuba/snorkeling related web sites. To get a list of all the links, simply keep "All" in the field boxes and click "Get Selected Links".
To search the list for a particular type of site, enter your interest in the appropriate field. For example, if you would like to find sites with chat rooms, you might type "chat" in the Description field. If you wanted to get a list of all the sites related to California diving, enter "California, USA" in the Region field.
The "Favorite Dives" button will display a listing of pages our own registered users created about one of their favorite dives. Registered users can create their own page in tranactions.
Registered users can also add their own link to our database by clicking "Add a Site to Links" and completenig the following form.
NOTE - To receive editing privledges of a link already in the database, please EMail us with your request. Include detailed information indicating which link, who you are, and why you should have editing privledges (ie - president/owner of the company, site administrator, etc.).