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  • Matching Two Word Quiz
    by Dennis K. Graver
    Instructions: Determine two word that correctly indifies what is defined in the right hand column. The first letter of the first word of each definition to the column on the left.

    Example: The annual internal and external examination of a scuba cylinder is Visual Inspection.

    Two-word answer Definition
    1. The annual internal and external examination of a scuba cylinder
    2. A banner that indicates divers are in the area
    3. The water warmed by a body inside a wetsuit helps the wearer retain body heat.
    4. The inability to equalize pressure in the ears because of pressure inside the throat
    5. The part of a regulator that does the primary reduction of pressure
    6. The pressure exerted by each individual gas in a mixture of gases
    7. The deliberate reduction of breathing to conserve air
    8. A condition resulting from a sudden release of pressure in an ear during ascent
    9. A third common name for a lionfish or turkeyfish
    10. A system of fluid filled bony channels in the temporal bone
    11. The maximum pressure to which a gas cylinder should be charged for use
    12. Another name for a feet first dive derived from its use in thick algae
    13. A valve in which high pressure affects the force needed to open and close it
    14. A curved metal tube that is used as a pressure detector
    15. The term for lost energy that must be replaced by consuming more oxygen than normal when exercise stops
    16. The rate of absorption or elimination of gas in tissues at an exponential rate
    17. The amount of inert gas remaining in a diver's body following a dive
    18. A severe, painful injury caused by contact with the tentacles of a coelenterate
    19. A gas that stimulates breathing and is generally colorless, odorless and tasteless
    20. A dangerous state of stupor produced by breathing an inert gas that is under pressure
    21. A duct that connects the middle ear and the back of the throat
    22. Pressure that uses atmospheric pressure as a zero reference
    23. A fixed reference line on a compass
    24. The most important feature of a weightbelt

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