7mm H2 Hyperstretch Titanium Gloves Review

Bob Grundmeyer

When it came to gloves for scuba diving I’ve always been of the mindset that the most inexpensive glove I could get my hands into would do the trick.  For some reason I’m harder on my diving gloves than the average diver.  Expensive or cheap it seems my hands are pretty equal in the speed with which they’d destroy a pair of gloves.  Add to that the fact that I enjoy underwater photography, so I have to deal with the trade off of warmth to dexterity in the variety of temperature changes a diver can experience in the Pacific waters that I dive in most commonly.  If I found the perfect glove for the chilly winter season waters it always seemed that I’d have trouble finding the same glove in a thinner thickness for summertime diving.

Since normal neoprene gloves tend to be very unforgiving and offer very little feel through the material making it very difficult to manipulate small buttons or dials on a piece of photographic equipment I’ve always had to go with the thinnest pair of gloves I could stand and hope for the best in terms of keeping my fingers warm.  And for me this becomes a bit more of an issue due to a small incident I had with an aircraft and a faulty liquid oxygen servicing cart back in my military days.  The frost bite I suffered has rendered a couple of fingertips extremely sensitive to cold conditions.  For many years of diving, it’s been a constant, often uncomfortable juggling act of destroying gloves and trying a new one in search of just the right combination of thickness to dexterity.

Finally I think I’ve found the perfect combination and solution to all my issues.  Henderson has introduced the H2 Hyperstretch Titanium Glove.  I’d tried the previous version of Henderson’s glove and while very nice and quality made I had the same exact result I’d had with any glove.  Basically I ripped out the seams and wore through the fingertips in nothing flat.  Making it a rather spendy experiment once again.  The new H2 gloves offer the same 250% stretch advantage over a regular neoprene glove that the previous version did but has been improved with a fantastic new fabric Henderson calls Aquasilk.  This new material is amazingly more durable than the old nylon fabric and resists “pilling” and wear from Velcro or over use.  Being more durable while maintaining its flexibility also means the glove won’t “balloon” on you or fill with excess water due to the fact that the glove is so flexible it stretches when you move about or use it in a moving water condition such as surf or surge.  Henderson offers the glove in 3mm for warmer summertime diving,5mm which is a perfect in-between thickness that covers a good portion of the normal temperatures divers will face and 7mm for the coldest of diving conditions.  The last major advantage I’ve been exited to discover is this amazing flexibility in the fabric equates directly into dexterity.  Finally I’ve found a glove that is thick enough to keep my hands and fingers warm while at the same time allowing me the dexterity to work my camera and diving lights and pretty much anything else I choose to do during a dive.   Since I’ve began using them they have so far withstood the torture I put my gear through better than any glove I’ve owned in many, many years.  I’m excited to say; thanks to Henderson I’ve finally found the perfect scuba diving glove for me!