Oceanic Cargo Wheeled Duffel Review

Bob Grundmeyer

When I think of dive bags I always used to get this vision in my mind of these monstrous bags designed to hold every possible item a diver could possibly ever need for a year long expedition to the furthest reaches of our imaginations.  You couldn’t miss them rolling through the airport.  The owners proudly pulling these virtual nylon warehouses with pockets on the sides for fins, pockets in the front for regulators, another chock full of every spare trinket that may break or get lost for entire island of divers, and pockets on the back for who knows what.  And they are always so completely stuffed with gear an army drill sergeant would be able to sternly bounce a quarter off of them like a bunk.  These bags were built so well, with their heavy-duty ballistic nylon outside and metal frames on the inside that one could imagine it surviving the worst of accidents unscathed only to be unearthed by some archeologist well into the future.

But these days, with airlines tightening up luggage restrictions, putting a premium on your luggage space and the over all weight of what you are allowed to pack, it seems these bags are destined to meet the same fate as the dinosaurs that they are.  The only problem is that divers still travel and need some sort of a jack-of-all-trades bag that fits their needs as well as the airlines requirements.  This is where the Oceanic Cargo Wheeled Duffel emerges as one of the best of the new generation of dive bag.  It is fairly light weight when empty.  A good deal lighter than the older style of bags, but still utilizes a heavy weight of nylon to protect your gear.  It boasts a spacious main compartment still easily capable of handling a full set of gear (or even 2 sets of tropical gear), and 2 zippered fin compartments built into the sides of the bag.  The heavy-duty wheels mean it’ll handle the pavement even when full of wet gear. 

The retractable pull handle seems to be just the right length, even with my long legs, and it has 3 handles on it, (2 of which have rubberized grips) that make it easy to grab and toss in and out of the trunk of the car our back or your pickup.  Prior to handing it over to the baggage handler at the airport, you can give a couple tugs on the external compression straps to make sure that your luggage will not only remain securely as you packed it but is well within the dimensional confines of your particular airlines allowances.  The Oceanic Cargo Wheeled Duffel is a bag that will offer travelling divers exactly what they need!