Oceanic Vortex V-6 Fins Review

Bob Grundmeyer

I’ve been a split fin user literally since the day they hit the stores.  As a huge fan of Nature’s Wing’s innovation I can’t think of any reason to not use a pair, and over the years have disproven every single argument against split fins that has come down the pike.  The only thing I really haven’t enjoyed about my trusty fins has been their weight out of the water.  Now-a-days with the airlines getting their shorts all in a wad over weight restrictions and such, saving a few pounds in our luggage is more important than ever.

That’s where the Vortex V-6 fins come into play.  Light weight and smaller than my open heel fins, they pack very easily.  In fact, I’ve put them in my carry-on a few times on trips that I was not checking a bag.  But that is the only place these fins seem to come up “short” in comparison.  The foot pocket fits comfortably with or without a fin sock, and the performance is exactly what you hope to get out of a split fin.  They kick easily, helping you to avoid leg cramps, offer you great control in the water and give you the chance to relax and enjoy your dive or snorkeling outing with ease and comfort.  Like any good split fin they zoom into action with very little effort on your part when you need them to, allowing you to hurry over to see that exciting fish or animal before it gets away!

Scuba or snorkeling, these light weight fins are the only way to go if you are planning on enjoying a warm water trip!