Severe Weather After-Dive Jacket Review

Bob Grundmeyer

Upon seeing the Severe Weather After-Dive Hooded Jacket offered online my first impression was that of a cheap windbreaker.  A coat for $39.95?  How good can it be?  But for that price I figured “what the heck?” it could always get relegated to behind the seat of my truck for those surprise rainy days.  The kinds of situations where something is better than nothing and looks or durability were just not a factor.

When my jacket arrived I was more than pleasantly surprised to learn that I couldn’t have been further off the mark with my uninformed evaluation.  At first touch the Jacket is very deceptively light weight.  The outer shell is made from a very durable waterproof material.  One of the advantages, in colder weather, to a waterproof material is that it doesn’t breath.  Combine that with the light fleece lining on the inside and you get a very warm coat with far less weight than you’d expect.  The hood easily zips on and off depending upon your preference or need, and the pockets while positioned horizontally instead of at an angle, are still roomy and easy to access.  The sleeves are loose fitting, and would make it very easy to pull on over a wetsuit if you chose to.

Since purchasing one each for myself and my girlfriend I’ve purchased 2 more for other family members who actually took them as their only jacket on an Alaskan Cruise.  They worked perfectly as the jackets packed very well and kept them more than warm through out the trip.  My own uses have ranged from casual “wear-around” jacket on a cool day to changing a tire in a driving rainstorm and I have to say I’m quite impressed.  I’ll probably be buying a spare to use for my original thought.  A good jacket to keep behind the seat of the truck for an emergency.