Who says you can´t purchase an Airfill online?

Bob Grundmeyer
One of the biggest arguments about purchasing scuba gear online as opposed to your local dive shop has been that you can’t buy air online! They’ll try to convince the diver that they’ll get to their destination and not have air if the local dive shop isn’t supported, of that if the local shop goes away, they’ll miss out on all those spur of the moment dives that air fills might be needed for. There have been many times over the years that I’ve taken off for a weekend of diving someplace and the conditions were so surprisingly fantastic that I wished I’d have thought to bring more cylinders. Or even more commonly, there have been more times than I care to count over the last 30 years that I’ve had to pass on a spur of the moment evening dive because I hadn’t filled my cylinders after my last dive and by the time I got home the local dive shop was going to be closed. My poor pre-planning or bad timing has caused many missed adventures with squid runs, grey whales, porpoise, and other exciting to see rare dives for the average diver. But no more. The Max Air 35 compressor is perfect for these exact types of divers. The perfect “personal compressor”, it’s designed to be a smaller portable compressor made to fill a few bottles through out the week or month for the average recreational diver. It is available in electrical 110v or 220 volt versions as well as gas powered. I chose the gas powered unit for portability. I can throw it into the back of my truck and take it along for those weekend trips that I didn’t plan to do more than a dive but found that my buddy and I can’t resist another dive or 3 for what ever reason. I’ll never again miss out on one of those spur of the moment, after-work dives as it is capable of filling an average aluminum 80 cylinder in about 20 – 25 minutes. In the time it takes me to get my gear together and set to load, my bottles are filled and ready. The compressor is extremely easy to maintain. If you can keep your lawn mower running this won’t be any more difficult. The only difference is keeping an eye on the filter cartridge, which is extremely easy to check and replace. It can be done in less than a minute. The oil is a common synthetic compressor oil from Max Air that can be picked up pretty commonly at any Max Air Dealer. If you are the diver that thinks they have everything, I’d recommend looking at this unit. At the price it’ll be well over 600 dives before you actually save money on your fills, but what price can you put on not having to hear about being the diver in your group that missed “that one amazing dive”. So, who says you can’t buy air from an internet retailer?