Oceanic GT3/CDX5

Bob Grundmeyer
I used work for on the technical side of things for a major scuba equipment manufacturer. My experiences there taught me more than I already knew about gear and how it works. One of the things I always look for in my equipment is simple designs and reliable performance. I feel that once you have those 2 covered anything else is just extra. I’d used my older regulators for some time and not so much out of loyalty to my former employer but because I liked them. I’ve had the chance to demo gear from various manufacturers over the years and can usually find something I like about this regulator or that, but in the end I’d still migrate back. The Oceanic GT3/CDX5 regulator is one of the only ones to really change my feelings. First off, it is a very simple design. It’s made to durable, intended to last for many years of diving. And finally, it breathes very easily and comfortably. Add the lifetime warranty for parts and its moderate price and you really get a total package. The first stage is a very high performance piece of gear designed to give dependable, easy breaths no matter how shallow or deep the diver is or how high or low the tank pressure may be. It is sealed 1st stage which means so long as you take care of it, water and other corrosive contaminates never enter inside the regulator potentially wearing parts out. This keeps annual service costs down as the only thing ever replaced are the common parts included in the service kit. The 2nd stage design is equally as simple. The adjustment allows you to tune the breathing to your liking. It is very light weight making it comfortable in your mouth even on some of the longer dives. The orthodontic designed mouthpiece adds just another layer of comfort. I had every intention of using my old regulator until I quit diving, but the Oceanic GT3/CDX5 turned out to be just too great of a deal and choice to pass on!