Some Handy Tips

Bob Grundmeyer
Here’s just a few handy tips I’ve amassed over the years that might make your diving more pleasant. Feel free to send me your tips, if it isn’t listed here. Lets see how many we can gather!

1) A common garden sprayer with fresh water is useful to rinse sand off your gear before packing up after sandy beach dives.
2) Remember, lead weights NEVER should go in your dive bag.
3) A plastic grocery bag over your hands or feet can make it much easier to get your into your wetsuit.
4) Remember to drink plenty of water or juice between dives to help keep your body properly hydrated.
5) A small dry box or zip-lock bag in your dive bag is a good way to protect water sensitive items such as wallets or phones from harm
6) Don’t forget to wash your dive bag along with your gear! The dried sand and salt are as bad for it as the rest of your gear.
7) A silicone snorkel keeper can double as an octo holder in a pinch. The opening is perfect sized to insert and hold your mouthpiece
8 ) Inserts in your new fins are not spacers for fit, but are used to keep the foot pocket from breaking down and collapsing between uses
9) Mesh bags many divers carry are not only good for collecting souvenirs, but can also hold small bits of litter left by others
10) Many dive hoods can be trimmed to fit. If it has cross stitches on the face seal seam trim it up to that point for a better fit
11) After rinsing your knife always store it OUT of it´s sheath. Water droplets in the sheath will promote corrosion even after the best care.
12) When rinsing your regulators be sure the dust cap is in place and never, ever push the purge button while rinsing your second stage
There’s just a few of the things off the top of my head that I’ve picked up over the years. How many can we build up to?