When asking for advice, listen to the advice you ask for.

Bob Grundmeyer
One thing I’ve noticed over the years that puzzles me is people calling or coming into a dive shop or even when I worked for a manufacturer looking for advice on what their gear can and cannot do and then arguing with you

Atomic Diving System when you give them the answer. If all a person wants is the answer they want to hear, simply ask your neighbor.

There are reasons that various limitations are placed on various pieces of equipment. The gear is designed by engineers to the specs laid out for them based on safety and functionality and then convenience and comfort are factored in. We are here to help you. We are here to make sure you enjoy scuba diving. And ultimately, as a scuba professional, we are here to ensure that you enjoy scuba in the safest possible manor.

So, the next time you are feeling the need to ask, "does my regulator allow me to do this" or "will my gear work in these conditions" keep in mind that the advice we give you isn´t going to save us, the instructor, from harm or given with the intent of maximizing our enjoyment of the sport. It is to intended for YOU.