Introducing DIVE TRAVELER - a new revolution in dive media

The world of dive media is about to change. Launching in early November, Dive Traveler is a digital magazine idea so revolutionary that it will redefine the way you think about the media content experience. Dive Traveler is a global, multi-platform, mobile media-based magazine app, an eMag, which is defined by the user for the user. And Dive Traveler delivers information and new content to the user every day. It´s the world’s first 365-day, personalized magazine experience.

Introducing DIVE TRAVELER - a new revolution in dive media

Unlike PDF-based eZines, which are merely digitized print magazines, or Websites, which are linear, the mobile eMag user experiences content in 360 degrees, and the content gets updated every day. Built on an exclusive opt-in platform, the user not only gets the travel content they want and will use, but also the dive gear that best suits their needs —by season and local conditions — in the innovative, self-populating Gear Locker. And, they can buy gear on the spot, making the eMag the ultimate in one-stop ease for the user. Like the Gear Locker, the Itinerary Generator also utilizes the users Opt-in profile, and automatically puts a user in touch with the travel provider to finalize the sale. And, that’s just the beginning of what this powerful new media will do.

Contributors from around the globe will provide an ongoing influx of fresh content, and Dive Traveler is giving a global platform to a large and diverse pool of professionals, including dive shop instructors and other local experts. Professional collaborators and partners, including David Doubilet, Scuba Diver Girls, DiverWire, Wyland, Another Shade of Blue with Ty Sawyer, Guy Harvey,, Boston Sea Rovers, Ethan Gordon, Coco Cheznaynay, DivePhotoGuide, Cathy Church, Amos Nachoum, Bonnie Pelnar, Rogest, Scuba Radio, Our World Underwater Scholarship Society, Jim Standing and Fourth Element, among others, make Dive Traveler the most authoritative hub a diver can experience.

Ty Sawyer, the CEO of Sawyer Media Group, who has been innovating dive media for almost 20-years and is the visionary behind Dive Traveler, "This has been in the works for more than a year, but I´ve been wanting to dive into the digital arena for years because it´s like the wild west of media. Almost anything you dream of is possible. And, I can give local heroes a global voice and platform that was impossible with the limitations of print. Something I’ve always wanted to be able to do because the dive industry is full of an incredible array of experts and personalities with a vast array of stories, and an even larger pool of expertise. This will make Dive Traveler the only place a diver needs to go for information, content, expertise and for a personalized experience that will make all other dive media obsolete."

Dive Traveler will be available for iPads, Droid-based tablets, and smartphones, and translated into Spanish and French.